8 Things to Know Before You go to New Orleans

Things to Know Before You go to New Orleans

Do you know what all things you can do in New Orleans? Before reaching to New Orleans you must know some crucial things so that you won’t lack anything there. New Orleans located in Mississippi river. New Orleans is known for the best might life.

Youngster of today’s generation are more attractive towards nightlife. New Orleans is a place where you’ll see many historic things. But you should remember some things before leaving for the city. This article will guide you about all the things you should know before to go New Orleans. If you choose to travel through Spirit Airlines, you should know Spirit Airlines Seat Assignment to know about the seat selection on Spirit Airlines.

Eight things to remember before reaching New Orleans


  1. Cheat Days:

If you are a gym rat then get ready for cheat days. You need to adjust your gym routine and diets before reaching to New Orleans. New Orleans offers several varieties of food that you can’t deny.

  1. Drinking on streets is allowed:

The New Orleans city follows the concept of “Go- Cup”. Get ready to explore the city with drink in your hands. Make sure that you don’t use glassware for drinking in streets. Using glassware in streets is prohibited in New Orleans.

  1. Drink and Drive is prohibited:

In New Orleans, you cannot drink and drive. This is a very harmful act and is prohibited in almost all the places. Make sure you don’t drink and drive in the streets of New Orleans.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated:

If you hang on the streets of New Orleans, we recommend you to keep water with you. The temperature in New Orleans is usually hot so you can get dehydrated sooner. So keep drinking water while walking on the streets so that you won’t get dehydrated.

  1. Safety at night:

If you are stepping out alone at night then you should take cabs or share service to keep yourself safe. You should take a well-lit route as sometimes it’s not safe to walk alone at night.

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So keep these things in mind you are going alone to New Orleans. Don’t trust anyone on the streets at night.

  1. Live Music:

The music in New Orleans is melodious. You will see a lot of live music going on whole walking over the streets and you will also see a lot of live concerts here. The city is known as the birthplace of Jazz.

  1. Birthday identification:

If single or more dollar is attached to anyone’s shirt, this means it’s his birthday. It’s the tradition in New Orleans.

  1. Katrina Hurricane:

One thing you should know about this city is, it was hit by hurricane 13 years back. This was a painful situation for people of New Orleans.

  1. Plan Loosely for Each Activity:

Since the atmosphere of New Orleans is awesome and flowing, so choose your plan loosely because you didn’t know that you may take more time to enjoy in the first place than your planned. So, don’t worry for your next plans and enjoy current plan freely first.

 2. Plan according to locals:

While planning for off hours, you must think for your nearly locals who have some schedule for their work as they need to wake up early and go for their work on time.

In a nutshell

Summing up this article here, you should read these points twice before reaching to New Orleans so that you won’t forget anything you need to take along with you. New Orleans is famous for history also; you will find various historic things there so don’t forget to take your camera with you to take pictures. If you are not aware about Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy you can go to their website to read it.


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