Everything you need to know to get around Barcelona this year

Need to know to get around Barcelona

Barcelona is an extremely big city and for a perfectly big size city there are huge options on how to discover and what to discover. There are use options available such as metro and bus networks and you can get around anywhere within the city in no time. If you are planning your next trip to Barcelona don’t forget to book Copa Airlines Flight Tickets, to get your flights at cheap prices.

Left have a look at all the possible ways to get around Barcelona this year:

1.Ride on Barcelona’s Metro

Metro is the best option to experience and enjoy sightseeing in Barcelona. The metro has been operating since 1863 and has approximately 161 stations and 8 lines. It mostly runs underground connecting all the suburbs and adjacent City. All the nearby places from Barcelona are connected by the metro that makes it the most convenient and cheapest way to enjoy the city tour.

  1. Ferrocarrils Ride

If you want to visit the foothills of Barcelona and the upper-class places of Sant Gervasi, Sarria and others, then take advantage of FGC and enjoy the beauty of the place. These cities also have some worth visiting sites and fine dining restaurants. The prices of the tickets differ depending on how far the person travels. Refer to Copa Flight Booking and book your tickets to Barcelona.

  1. Buses for late night transport-

If you want to get around the streets of Barcelona at night then try riding the buses as it can be a faster option than the metro. You can easily connect from one place to another through buses as there are more than 200 lines and bus lens making it easier for the travelers to explore Barcelona at night.

  1. Cable Cars and Funiculars

Barcelona also has cable cars and a unique cooler that is very popular among the tourists. It is one of the best options to have a view of the tallest hill in the city named Tibidabo with the most incredible view. There are various hills located which can be easily viewed with the help of the cable cars.

  1. Bike-friendly city-

Barcelona can also be viewed with the help of a cycle. Around 10 years ago there were hardly any cyclists found in Barcelona but now it is becoming a bike friendly City and the city is even planning to add more lanes for cycles. But the bikes are only allowed for the residents and the tourists can get one from the rental shops available.

  1. Explore Barcelona by Walking

There are several narrow lanes that can only be explored on foot. If you are planning to visit any architectural heritage then you can do that only after walking as bikes and cars are not allowed in those places. Some places are even present in the walking distance and places like Barcelona cathedral, beaches, and contemporary art galleries all are located within a few distances that can be covered easily by walking.

  1. Taxi or Cabs

Those who are new to the city have an option of booking a taxi to get along Barcelona. The fares start at relatively low prices but it may increase on weekends. There are many taxi apps available in Barcelona such as Mytaxi and Hailo. Tourists can easily book cabs and explore the city.

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Barcelona is a great place to visit and its field with amazing views and architectural heritage. There are several options to explore in the city from hills to fine dine restaurants to cafeterias. You can easily access the modes of transportation and get around Barcelona throughout the day as well as night. So, the next time you plan your trip to Barcelona consider Copa Airlines Flight Tickets to book cheap and affordable flights.


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