White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO: Everything You Need to Know

What are White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO? Which of these techniques is the most used by SEO experts to position a web page in search engines?

Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO have been the most used methods to position a website in Google, where the first has given Google great headaches and the second is one of the most effective and positive ways to position a website.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO are unethical techniques that are used to position a business website in search engines. These procedures go against Google’s guidelines.

In a few words, Black SEO is web positioning that is carried out through traps that are penalized by Google, the most severe consequence of which is the final penalty.


Most common Black Hat SEO techniques

  • Purchase of links on remote websites with which you have no relationship. Neither thematic, geographical location, language, etc.
  • Post automatic comments on blogs and forums that do not contribute anything. The only interest is to add your link.
  • Automatically copy articles from other websites.
  • Keyword Stuffing is a technique that excessively uses keywords in the same content, without taking quality into account. It is an over-optimization of keywords that ends up becoming SPAM.
  • Spinning is a bad practice that consists of creating content as if it were your own, by reusing other original texts.
  • Hijacking consists of cloning an entire web page to obtain links to deceive search engines as if it were the original page.


What is White Hat SEO?

White SEO is ethical methods that comply with the guidelines of search engines. They are mainly based on creating original and quality content, which as a consequence you are awarded with a good web positioning.


Most applied White SEO techniques

The objective of this type of SEO is for a website to become more relevant to search engines by following reliable methods in the medium and long term. Here are the best-known:

  • Content: Original, quality and relevant content is generated for users.
  • Design: A quality design adapted to mobiles and focused on the user experience.
  • Code: Includes a well-structured HTML code.
  • Meta Tags: Use meta tags and microformats to clearly describe the content of the pages.
  • Long tail: Work with the “long tail” keyword technique to position several words in the same post.

While White Hat SEO might require more time and effort compared to shortcuts used in Black Hat or Grey Hat practices, the long-term benefits and sustainability.

White Hat SEO benefits:

White Hat SEO refers to ethical and legitimate optimization techniques that align with search engine guidelines. The benefits of employing White Hat SEO practices are numerous and extend to both your online visibility and your reputation.

First and foremost, White Hat SEO fosters long-term sustainability. By adhering to ethical guidelines, your website’s rankings are more likely to endure over time, providing a consistent stream of organic traffic.

One of the fundamental advantages of White Hat SEO is the cultivation of trust and credibility. When your website’s ranking is a result of genuine value and relevance, users are more inclined to trust your brand and engage with your content.

Moreover, White Hat SEO is adaptable to algorithm changes. This flexibility allows you to adjust to updates without encountering the severe setbacks associated with penalties.

This long-term approach to SEO also contributes to sustainable growth and brand building. By consistently delivering value to your audience, you foster a positive brand image and loyal customer base.

Also, its offers make it a solid choice for businesses that are looking to establish a strong, trustworthy online presence.

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