The Hiring Help You Didn’t Know You Needed: 8 Benefits of Contract Recruiting Companies

Finding the right talent to join your team can be a major undertaking. Between sorting through stacks of resumes, conducting countless interviews, and onboarding new hires, the hiring process takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why more and more companies are turning to contract recruiting firms for help. Contract recruiters specialize in filling open positions quickly and efficiently. They have connections to a large pool of skilled workers and can tap into that network to find qualified candidates tailored to your specific needs. And they take care of most of the hiring legwork for you. Wondering if partnering with a contract recruiting company is right for your business? Here are 10 compelling benefits:


1.      Gain Immediate Access to Pre-Screened Talent

Instead of waiting for applications to trickle in when you post a job ad, recruiting companies give you instant access to actively job-searching candidates. They maintain a database full of pre-screened professionals who possess the precise abilities your open roles require.

Contract recruiters meet with each of these candidates face-to-face, assessing not only their technical capabilities but soft skills too. The recruiter vets them thoroughly before considering placing them for employment. This prescreening allows you to bypass most of the initial review stages in your own hiring process.

You’ll eliminate the need to filter through weak or under-qualified applicants. The contract recruiting firm sends only candidates they feel align well with your corporate culture and job specifications. This produces a high-quality talent pool tailored for your needs right off the bat.


2.      Fill Open Positions Remarkably Fast 

A contract recruiting agency specializes in prompt placement. They possess finely-tuned sourcing and networking talents that allow them to produce targeted, properly vetted candidates rapidly.

An experienced recruiter can generate interest and tap their pipeline to present you with numerous options for an open position quite literally overnight in many cases. They are skilled at recruitment marketing too, ensuring your employer brand and available role reaches the ideal audiences through the right channels.

This acceleration effect is extremely valuable when you have an urgent vacancy you want to fill ASAP. Contract recruiters drastically condense time-to-fill rates so you don’t lose productivity from an empty desk.


3.      Slash the Work and Resources Required to Hire 

Recruiting itself requires extensive effort, especially if your organization handles the duties in house without much outside support. From crafting job posts to coordinating interviews to checking candidate backgrounds, each hire sucks up a lot of resources.

Third-party recruiters lift this workload off your shoulders. The contract agency tackles most of the heavy lifting associated with sourcing, screening, interview coordination, reference checks, and more. They funnel you only the most promising applicant options instead of making you sort through stacks of resumes and lead every step yourself.

This streamlining enables your hiring team to invest energy into other priorities. Why stretch your HR staff thin trying to do everything in-house when recruiters can pare down the hiring workload for you?


4.      Leverage Insider Industry Knowledge and Connections

Savvy contract recruiting professionals develop extensive connections within the industries they serve. They know how to navigate the local labour market and tap into pipelines of talent that align with their clientele’s needs.

Recruiting specialists build large networks of strategic contacts they access to source candidates. They chat up industry peers, mine referrals, and leverage personal connections to unearth talent.

An independent recruiter acting as an outsourced talent solutions partner can lean into their insider knowledge and relationships within your business sector. This gives them an edge when it comes to mapping out and exploring rich candidate sources a hiring manager may struggle to crack open alone.


5.      Receive Assistance Crafting Accurate, Effective Job Descriptions

Ask any recruiter and they’ll confirm: The job description makes or breaks your search for top applicants. When your job ad lacks specifics or you inadvertently include unrealistic expectations, you deter quality talent from applying.

Yet most hiring managers do not have extensive recruitment marketing expertise. They sometimes unintentionally create job posts that turn off otherwise interested candidates.

Third-party recruiters help you compose compelling job descriptions guaranteed to attract qualified applicants. They ensure postings properly convey required duties, responsibilities, abilities, and experience levels. This enables them to source and present you with candidates who truly fit the bill.


6.      Save Money Required to Onboard and Train New Hires

It costs money to bring any new staffer onboard and train them to handle their role properly. When an employee ends up being a poor cultural or skillset fit, you eat the sunk costs of hiring and training them once it becomes apparent they should move along.

Because contract recruiting companies thoroughly vet candidates before submission, they send options more likely to succeed in the job once hired. This significantly slashes new hire failure rates that necessitate repeat recruiting and onboarding efforts down the road.

You spend less onboarding new staffers multiple times for the same position. Quality contract recruiters boost retention by confirming solid candidate-job alignment prior to referral.

7.      Gain Valuable External Recruiting Expertise and Insights 

Your own HR personnel and hiring decision makers specialize in plenty of talent management responsibilities outside of recruiting itself. Without extensive backgrounds sourcing candidates, they lack complete mastery of emerging recruitment best practices.

Contract recruiters, however, concentrate exclusively on talent acquisition. They bring knowledge of the latest techniques and technologies for sourcing scarce candidates and ensuring hiring success.

Letting a contract recruitment agency handle critical facets of your hiring process allows you to benefit from their outside area of expertise. Their sole focus on innovative recruitment strategies sharpens your process even if you keep some steps in house.


8.      Remain Compliant With Employment and Sourcing Regulations

Staying compliant with modern hiring rules, laws, and regulations grows increasingly complex. Especially as legal standards like worker classification, mandatory documentation, and discrimination avoidance evolve.

When you delegate recruitment marketing and candidate assessment to a contract agency, you tap into their commitment to legal compliance. Specialist recruiters make it their business to remain up to date on relevant legislation and ethical hiring protocols.

Leaning on their expertise lifts the compliance burden from your team’s shoulders somewhat. It also reduces your organization’s exposure to legal hiring missteps made accidentally by internal staff lacking complete HR compliance insight.



Finding and securing top-tier job candidates poses immense difficulty for almost every organization. But you don’t have to shoulder the hiring struggle alone. The professional contract staffing services and recruiting professionals can guide you to hiring success in less time with less effort. Leverage the pool of connections, expertise, tools, and workflows contract recruiting companies offer to elevate your talent acquisition outcomes.

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