Stacy Danley Marks The Qualities of Great Sports Team Captains

Being tasked with captaining a team is an honour; however, this position does come with a number of responsibilities. The role of a team captain is to lead, support, inspire and represent the other members of the team. In fact, they are also expected to be good role models for the younger team members. As per Stacy Danley, team captains are not always the best players on the team or the players that the coach likes the most. Rather, they are the ones who possess certain qualities and skills that make them a good leader and a reliable force on the team.

Stacy Danley lists a few qualities and traits of good team captains

The way a team captain behaves and performs their duties has a huge impact on the team. Players usually rally around the captains who inspire them to dream and do more.  While leadership skills do come more naturally to some than others, there are also many qualities and traits that most efficient team captains share. Most of these traits can be embodied by any person who desires to become a team captain. Here are a few of those traits:

  • Always putting the team first:  Great team captains are not interested in personal glory. Rather, they are always good for ways to support and serve their team, and guide them towards success. They usually have the mentality that together everyone achieves more, which essentially makes them an ideal teammate and leader. Moreover, such an attitude can be contagious within a team, and can be highly useful in building a positive and winning mindset among the team members.
  • Leading by example: Captains are tasked with the responsibility of leading their team members and setting an example for what is expected. Team captains are often the first ones to get to the field during training, and the last to leave once everything has been put away. They often take on additional responsibilities and work hard to make sure everything runs smoothly. Good team captains always have the best interests of the team at heart, and do all the things they expect their teammates to do and more.
  • Inspiring the team members: Team captains not only lead by example, but they inspire their team members to do better. Players are more likely to follow leaders who are truly passionate about their sport, and openly show their enthusiasm. Good captains are also never afraid to stand up for what they believe in and rally support. They are usually the ones to embrace taking on new challenges, which encourages their team members to do the same. No matter the opponent, good team captains are always excited to play a great game. Even if their team experiences setbacks in a match, these captains spread positive energy and try to instill a sense of belief that anything is possible.

In the opinion of Stacy Danley, no matter whether a team lacks energy in preseason training or is down a goal in a championship game, great team captains always find a way to step up when their team needs them. They do not get demoralized easily, and encourage their team members to keep up their positive attitude.

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