Safe Ship Moving Services Provides Tips for Saving Costs in a Move

There are many reasons one may have to relocate to a new home. They may move to a new city in search of better work opportunities, desire to live in a larger home, want to reduce their living expenses, and so on. Today there are many moving companies like Safe Ship Moving Services present across the country that can help in making the moving process hassle-free. Moving is neither enjoyable nor inexpensive. However proper planning can be quite helpful for people moving on a tight budget.

Safe Ship Moving Services highlights a few tips that can help ensure a budget-friendly move

Whether one is moving just across the town or relocating to a different state all together, moving is among the most exciting yet daunting experiences one may come across.  Moving is not only stressful from a logistical standpoint, but in terms of budget. Even though certain moving expenses are unavoidable, it is possible to save money in a few areas. When trying to lower expenses during a move, it is vital to steer clear of pointless purchases as well.

Here are a few tips that can help people to save money in a move:

  • De-clutter before packing: It might feel like an extra item on the to-do list but getting rid of things one does not need at their new home would ultimately help in saving time, money and space. People should go through all their belongings, right from furniture and cookware to clothing, and take inventory of things they do not want or need. Based on how much one has downsized, they could be saving several dollars in terms of their overall moving expense.
  • Book movers at a strategic time: Most families today hire professional movers who can help them out with the move. A lot of money can be saved by just scheduling their services for a weekday versus a weekend, mid-month versus end of month or off-season versus on-season. As fewer people move on the weekdays, some movers may charge less for those days.
  • Speak with the service providers: There is no point in paying rent or mortgage, utilities, internet, and/or cable expenses for two separate locations. Hence, it is prudent to align the begin and end dates for accounts. To do so, one typically has to call up their providers and discuss proration. If possible, one should also take advantage of new account specials offered by internet and cable companies that might be provided at their locality, and talk to utility companies about waiving installation/activation fees.
  • Get creative when sourcing moving supplies: The cost of packing and moving supplies can add up pretty fast. These supplies include boxes, tape, bubble wrap, padding and on.  Instead of spending money on such items, it will be smart to think outside the box. Before purchasing any additional packing material, one has to make sure that they are using all the suitcases, hampers, and baskets they already own. Instead of bubble wrap, old towels and t-shirts can be used to pad delicate items.

If families need to hire professional movers, they must check around and get quotes from multiple companies to find the most affordable service providers. Well-established and customer centric companies like Safe Ship Moving Services typically offer their assistance at budget friendly rates.

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