Overcoming The Fear Of Speaking English As An International Student

Speaking English with a group of people is a dream for all those who are learning English. Well, this is incredible as English is one of the foremost requirements if you are interested in grabbing a wonderful job. To help you with that, if you are also interested in speaking English confidently in public, we have written this article that will illustrate the tips to overcome your fear of speaking English publicly. Along with that, we will also help you understand a few tips that will level up your confidence to speak English confidently in public.

During your stay abroad, you have to understand that conversing in English with the people is quite compulsory for you to connect with them and manage your survival abroad easily. However, it is crucial to speak in fluent English to keep the process smooth. Speaking in the language that they speak helps you connect with them easily. Through this article, we will help you learn a few tips to overcome your fear of speaking English in public. As an international student, you will be receiving profound benefits from these tips.

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Overcome The Fear Of Speaking English With Following Pointers: 

The following pointers to understand a few tips to overcome the fear of speaking English as an international student.

Converse! Converse! And Converse

Without any shadow of a doubt, conversing in the language is the most crucial step to fluency in the language. You have to practice conversing in the language over and over in front of the mirror or with your friends that are also interested in learning English. The best tip is to converse in front of the mirror as this will help you observe all your mistakes carefully and with patience.  Believe us, this trick works incredibly. But you have to practice speaking in front of the mirror for at least 15 minutes daily on the topics that interstate you the most.

Sentence Formation

Get a profound understanding of sentence formation if you want to form quick sentences in English. For this, you have incredible sources to help you understand sentence formation. If you lack a profound understanding of sentence formation then, it is highly difficult for you to gain confidence in speaking English. Even the basic purpose of the previously mentioned trick is to polish your ability to form sentences in the English language.

Accept Your Mistakes

Instead of feeling embarrassed about making mistakes while speaking English, try to accept them and correct them. Till you don’t accept something, you don’t correct it profoundly.  To correct your mistakes, you have to accept them and don’t feel bad about them.  If you are ready to correct them. In fact, making mistakes is a crucial step in learning English practically. All those who are speaking fluent English today have practiced it once in their life and made so many mistakes.


If you still have a fear of speaking in English publicly. Then, you can try posting captions on your Instagram account. This will boost your confidence to speak in English brilliantly. The best part of this is that this will create a sense of urgency in your mind to post the correct captions. This will also help you analyze if the caption that you are going to post is actually correct or not .

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We are sure that the tips that we have defined above will help you overcome the fear of speaking in English. There are a lot of tips that can boost your confidence in speaking English. But the best one that you can ever practice is to speak in English in front of the mirror. This trick will surely help you ace your English speaking skills.

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