How to Change K2 Wiper Blade?

Kia Motors K2 wiper blade replacement operation is relatively simple, the main thing is to separate the wiper blade from the wiper arm after opening the bayonet position in the middle.

Then replace it with a new wiper blade to complete the replacement. The following describes the specific steps to replace the wiper blades


  • Kia K2
  • Wiper blade


  1. Kia Motors K2 wiper blade is located under the front windshield of the car
  2. The wiper can be adjusted to a suitable position through the wiper control in the car
  3. Then grab the middle position of the wiper arm and lift it up
  4. After lifting, you can see the buckle position in the middle
  5. Forcefully separate the wiper blade from the wiper blade
  6. Then replace the wiper blades with new ones
  7. Finally, after replacing the complete set of wipers, the wiping effect will be better


  1. Note that the protective cover of the wiper blade must be removed
  2. When using the wiper for the first time, you need to spray some glass water

How to Safely Replace Wiper Blades

Summer is a rainy season, and whether the line of sight is blocked is directly related to driving safety, so a good wiper blade can guarantee the wiping effect to a large extent, and at the same time bring a clear vision to the driver.

When summer comes, you only need to buy the wiper blade yourself, follow the steps below to quickly replace the wiper blades Euro Car Parts Discount Code NHS.


  1. Put the wiper blade and wiper arm up.
  2. Press and hold the wiper blade buckle and move the wiper blade outwards.
  3. Push the old wiper blade to the head and remove it from the notch (at this time, be sure to pinch the rocker arm of the wiper with your right hand to prevent the rocker arm from returning suddenly and breaking the windshield glass).
  4. Lift up the middle buckle of the new wiper blade for easy installation.
  5. After inserting the snap in the middle, pull tight! It clicks into place.
  6. After installing the wiper blade on the driver’s side, just place it on the windshield smoothly, and then use the same method to replace the wiper blade on the passenger side (note that usually, the longer wiper blade is on the driver’s side, which is shorter The short one is the co-pilot side; if the length is the same, it is the universal type).

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How to Replace Wiper Blades

How to replace and install the wiper blades? Now more and more car owners like to DIY to complete many maintenance and replacement items for their cars.

The replacement and installation of wiper blades is one of the most common items. Because you don’t need any professional tools, as long as you are interested in doing it yourself.


  1. Introduction to the type of buckle
  2. In-line buckle installation method
  3. Side buckle installation method
  4. Top buckle installation method
  5. Installation method of bayonet buckle
  6. J type quick hook installation method

How to Replace a Car Wiper Blade

Car wiper blades belong to the daily consumables of the car. Its lifespan is about one year. With the rapid economic development, cars have entered our lives and are inseparable from us.

When driving on rainy days, we often encounter wipers that are not clean, which seriously affects us. driving safety, then we need to replace the wiper.

  • Prepare a pair of wiper blades suitable for your model with a length between 14—-26
  • Open the buckle on the wiper
  • Pull the entire wiper blade down firmly
  • Insert the prepared new wiper blade into the card slot of the wiper arm
  • After the card is in place, press the buckle on the top of the wiper, and the wiper is replaced. Follow the same steps to replace the outer wiper blade.

How to choose wiper blades (wipers)? How to maintain the wiper blade

  1. Wipers (wiper blades) are not needed on sunny days, but you will know how powerful they are on rainy days. When the rain blocks your vision, the wiper (wiper blade) sweeps across the world and immediately cleans you up.
  2. To prevent the aging of the wiper blades, otherwise it will cause unclear vision and cause traffic accidents. Don’t joke about your own life.
  3. Wipers are divided into bone wipers and boneless wipers. Next, analyze based on weather conditions.
  4. In normal weather, the boneless wiper will fit the glass better than the boned wiper and scrape cleaner Ebay Discount Code NHS at NHS Discount Code.
  5. In bad weather, boneless wipers will wear out faster than boned wipers.
  6. Wiper blades should be replaced once a year. If they are in areas prone to typhoons, rainy days, snowy days, and sand and dust, they should be replaced twice a year. Note that when replacing the wiper blade, it is best to replace the wiper arm together.
  7. Careful maintenance can also prolong the life of the wiper. You can check it frequently to keep the wetness of the rubber strip, and take the glass water with a wiper lubrication function for maintenance.
  8. Also avoid dry scraping without water, which will cause serious wear on the wiper.
  9. Regular cleaning is also required. When the wiper is in the open air, it is inevitable that there will be dust and sand. Clean it regularly.

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