Clothing and footwear for hunting


It can be quite difficult for a novice hunter to choose hunting shoes. After all, you need to take into account the following factors:

  • Type of hunting;
  • Weather conditions;
  • Type of terrain;
  • Moisture and breathability of shoes.

If the hunt is carried out in winter and lasts all day, then boots will definitely not suit you. Your feet will quickly freeze in them. Despite the rich selection of special shoes, felt boots are still a win-win option for winter hunting.

You should think about additional foot protection if it is wet outside. It is best to wear footcloths instead of wool and cotton socks. First of all, they retain heat perfectly. Secondly, footcloths are easier to wash. Thirdly, I don’t rub my feet. All this allows you to hunt in comfortable conditions.


On sale you can find trousers that differ from each other in height, length, fabric density, degree of insulation and waterproofness. Some models come with adjustable waistbands, while others have slits and knee pads.

It is unlikely that anyone will want to wear quilted jackets for hunting, as it is simply inconvenient and cumbersome. Ideal: pants + underpants.

The material from which the trousers are sewn should have increased wear resistance. As for the color, the best solution would be khaki. In summer, it blends in easily with its surroundings, and in winter, a camouflage coat is worn over it.

The main principle by which clothing for winter hunting is chosen is layering. If our ancestors wore thick and heavy clothes, then modern hunters prefer light and multifunctional clothing.


The task of the lower layer of clothing is to protect the skin from moisture and hypothermia. The fact is that during physical activity, the body begins to heat up and give off heat. In this regard, it is recommended to use underwear made of synthetic materials.

It is good because it is easy to wash, dries quickly and does not lose its thermal insulation properties for a long time. It is necessary to choose underwear strictly according to size. Only in this case, it will perform its functions 100%.

If you buy underwear that is too loose, you run the risk of hypothermia. Tight underwear won’t do your body any good either. It will constantly squeeze the abdomen, creating discomfort.


As a second layer, clothing with an insulation function is suitable. It is worn over thermal underwear. The main task of such clothing is to retain heat and ensure good ventilation.

This will protect your body from overheating. The best option would be winter hunting clothing made of popartek or fleece. Sweatshirts made of these materials, even when wet, retain the heat of the human body.


This layer is considered to be the most high-tech and expensive. Not only should it protect the body from moisture, but it should also allow moisture to escape from the inner layers to the outside.

Most often, clothing made of membrane fabrics is used as the third layer. Such fabrics have excellent wind and moisture protection properties. They do not allow water to enter the suit, but at the same time do not interfere with natural ventilation.


When choosing clothes, guided by the principle of layering, you should take into account that almost 70% of the heat the human body loses through the skin of the hands and head.

Therefore, do not forget to buy a warm hat and gloves (mittens).


The most suitable hat for a hunter is a woolen hat. To keep warm and protect from moisture, a hat made of natural wool with the addition of polyester (15-20%), insulated with a layer of fleece, will help you.

You need to choose a hat no less carefully than any other piece of equipment. The ideal model will be the one in which the ears do not blow out and the head does not sweat.


These days, hunting jackets are made of high-quality camouflage. This material does not rustle when moving and does not cause discomfort.

Almost all hunting winter outerwear designed for hunters is equipped with many additional pockets.

Some models also have pouches in which you can store cartridges and other ammunition.

Winter hunting jackets can have removable liners, making them very comfortable to use.

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