Why Seattle Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

When you think about vacations, your imagination wanders to warm beaches, exotic locations, or classic European cities. But why not think outside the box? Why not consider a city with an undeniable appeal that isn’t overtaken by tourism but has enough things to do for residents and visitors alike to make a great vacation destination?

Seattle is a great vacation destination — for families, for couples looking for a romantic getaway, Seattle might be the place to go.

Suppose you plan to travel from Seattle, Washington, Victoria, BC, and British Columbia. In that case, many options avoid the hassle of taking an international flight, including taking the train, car, bus, or even ferry from North America (continental) major city to the city. Great western Canada.

Travel between these two cities is daily because they both attract destinations with abundant natural beauty, trade, and business opportunities, many of which are shared between each location as part of international trade agreements. Many trips often build the two destinations into one of the “West Coast.” schedules when traveling in this part of the world.

Fortunately, a one day cruise from Seattle to Victoria BC, is relatively easy as the two cities are only three to four hours apart, depending on which transit option you make. However, plan to take into account additional time at the border from the United States to Canada and make sure you have a valid passport or passport card for ground transportation between the two countries before attempting to take this option.


Train or Bus

For many, the best way to get from Seattle to Victoria, BC, is by train, as prices are lower.

Amtrak Cascades operates a daily train between Seattle and Victoria, BC, a journey that takes four hours and arrives at Pacific Central Station in Victoria, BC, where passengers can take a train either to the airport or to the heart of downtown.

Greyhound buses also take passengers from Seattle to Victoria, BC, and the Greyhound is slightly faster and cheaper than the train. The bus arrives at the terminal in downtown Victoria BC with easy access to public transport so that you can travel more easily using this method.



There is no direct ferry service between Seattle and Victoria, BC, but you can arrange your vacation with a pitstop in Victoria if you want to spend less money and take in more sights.

Clipper Holidays offers a ferry service from Seattle to Victoria on Vancouver Island; however, the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver leaves from Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay, which is an hour and a half away, so it’s best to pick up on the island for a day before traveling on the island. On it to get to the ferry terminal.

This is a good option for anyone looking to make a stopover in Victoria to visit, but it is certainly a more expensive way to get from Seattle to Vancouver.

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