Gomed Gemstone – Benefits, Vedic Process, and Who Should Wear?

The Hessonite stone is beautiful because of its honey-like brownish-golden color. The appearance of this stone is just one property that makes it valuable. It is one of the nine gemstones which are considered the most powerful in the world. Being so powerful in the science of astrological planets, the belief in the energy of the stone makes it demandable in today’s market.

Hessonite improves the mental clarity and concentration of the wearer. It enhances general cognitive capacities and assists people in overcoming perplexity and indecision.

If you are seeking to gain all the benefits of wearing a Hessonite gemstone, you should get all the knowledge about this stone including who should wear it and what is the proper procedure.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Hessonite (Gomed) Stone

The following are some significant advantages of wearing Gomed gemstone:

  • An original hessonite gemstone is thought to assist the wearer overcome their fears, concerns, and self-doubts by giving them strength, confidence, and fearlessness.

  • Gomed gemstone also fosters harmony between married couples. It improves communication between them and aids in relationship balance, which brings harmony and joy to their union.

  • According to astrologers, the Gomed also enhances the wearer’s financial situation and aids in their success in the workplace or career.

  • Hessonite stone improves capacity for decision-making, creativity, and communication.

  • One of the many benefits of Gomed gemstone is that it promotes physical recovery. It can improve the immune system, enhance digestion, and balance the endocrine system among many other physical healing abilities.

  • It also aids in lessening conditions affecting the respiratory system, allergies, and skin conditions including eczema.

  • The gomed gemstone is beneficial for mental wellness as well. It is renowned for its capacity to foster spiritual growth in individuals. It fosters spiritual development and improves one’s capacity for intuitive perception.

How to Wear the Hessonite Stone?

Saturday of Krishna Paksha is the best day to wear Gomed stone and the best time would be morning at sunrise, between 04:00 a.m. to 07:00 a.m.

You can wear Onyx gemstone in the form of a ring, bracelet or pendant. However, people often prefer to wear this amazing gemstone as a ring. If you are wearing it as a ring, wear the Hessonite gemstone ring on the middle finger of your right hand.

Wearing Onyx in silver, Ashtadhatu or Panchadhatu is considered most auspicious.

Wake up early in the morning and after taking a bath and completing your daily puja, sit in the puja room with your gem.

Take a metal bowl and place your gemstone in it. Bathe your gemstone in the holy Ganges water, or Panchamrit (a mixture of five things – raw milk, ghee, honey, sugar and curd). Also put some basil leaves.

Reciting the mantra “Om Ra Rahave Namah” 108 times with devotion. When you are chanting this mantra for the last time, take your stone and wear it.

Who Should Wear a Hessonite (Gomed) Gemstone?

The Hessonite gemstone is ruled by the planet Rahu and hence it is highly recommended to those who have Rahu dosha in their birth chart. Rahu is a shadow planet in Vedic astrology and hence Rahu’s wrath in your horoscope is said to bring problems in your life. So, people who face problems due to the bad effects of Rahu are often advised to wear hessonite stone.

Also, according to Vedic astrology, Gomed stone is the official stone for people whose zodiac sign is Aquarius. However, people with Gemini, Libra, and Taurus can also wear this gem. But before wearing a powerful stone like Onyx, our advice to you would be to get your horoscope read by a good Pandit and make sure that this stone is suitable for you.


One of the nine powerful gemstones known as Navratnas is Hessonite, commonly known as Gomed in Hindi. This honey brown and golden colored gemstone is highly acclaimed all over the world for its beautiful appearance. Hessonite is a type of grossular garnet that is mostly found in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Canada.

For the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits the hessonite provides to its wearer, it is highly worn and used among many cultures around the world.

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