What to Do and Avoid During Home Shifting?

Home shifting is a tedious job. There are plenty of things you need to do to enjoy a safe and smooth relocation experience. A majority of people don’t like to do it all alone, thus, they book professional packers and movers Bangalore to Kolkata. They think now it’s the responsibility of packers and movers to do the shifting forgetting their own duties.

If you want to have the best home relocation experience then you will have to keep a few things in mind while preparing for the move. As relocation is a series of tasks, making a few mistakes is quite normal. But, if you take care of those mistakes and be prepared for the odds and challenges then you will have the best moving experience. It’s just that you should know what to do and what to avoid during home shifting.

Dos and Don’ts of House Shifting

Everyone thinks relocation is merely packing and moving stuff. One can book packers and movers services and relocate safely. But, there’s much more to it. There are a lot of things that need to be considered while shifting. It’s important to pay attention to every aspect of the relocation process and address all the essential steps. This will help you plan a safer and smoother move. And, you can enjoy the move instead of taking stress. So, here are the common mistakes that people make during relocation, which you must avoid.

So, let’s see the dos and don’ts while shifting home and availing home packers and movers services.


Plan your move

If you expect a successful relocation, then do plan your move. Planning is a key to success and we all know this. When you plan things, you get enough to arrange the essentials and get organized for it. So, consider every aspect of the relocation process and start planning your move.

Make a moving checklist

There are numerous tasks to complete to have a safe and smooth house-shifting experience. And during this time forgetting or overlooking a few small things is quite obvious. However, these small tasks can also affect your moving experience. Hence, you should make a moving checklist so that you won’t forget anything even the minor ones. A moving checklist assists you in completing all your work related to house shifting. And you can know which tasks have already been done and what are yet to be done.

Hire the best packers and movers

Packing and moving the entire household goods is not easy. Everything is required to be packed carefully. And professional packers and movers do it with utmost care. They are well-equipped with the essentials for packing and transporting goods. But, you need to hire a well-established and renowned moving company specializing in household shifting.

Pack an essential bag

Moving day is a hectic day. You may not know when and what you will need. So, pack your essentials in a separate bag. Your movers will pack and take all your possessions, but you will need a few things during the journey and also after reaching the home. Movers may take time more than expected and this can put you in a problem if you are not carrying even basics with you. So, pack and carry an essential bag with you.

Get rid of unwanted goods

The useless goods should be discarded. Or else, they will consume your money and time to pack and move. There’s no need to bring clutter to your new house. Simply get rid of junk and unwanted goods.

Use good quality packaging materials

Packing the goods using good quality packaging materials ensures their safety. You can expect safe delivery of your belongings by packing them with high-quality packaging materials.

Label boxes

After packing the goods, label the boxes. This will help the movers as well to place the items correctly on the truck and also you while unpacking them.

Select the right transportation option

You get two options to transport your belongings – a shared truck and a dedicated truck. In a shared truck, your goods will be transported with other families’ belongings. And a dedicated truck will be fully accommodated with your possessions. This consumes less time to transport goods as the movers don’t have to deliver anyone else’s goods.

Buy insurance

To safeguard your belongings, insurance is important. Get insurance to cover your goods against damages.

Do Not  

Rush the act of packing goods

Packing goods is a time-consuming task but you shouldn’t rush to pack your goods as you may damage the goods while doing so. Take your time, categorize the items, clean them, and pack them.

Pack the lighter and heavier goods together

One of the common mistakes people make while packing goods is that they stuff the boxes with no planning. They keep items that come in their way of packing. Don’t do it, rather look for the goods that are lighter in weight and heavier in weight and pack them separately. Otherwise, heavier goods will crush the lighter fragile items.

Hire a company randomly

We all know hiring the right goods transport company is imperative for a hassle-free move. And, you shouldn’t hire a company randomly. Always get quotations from multiple companies to know their rates. Make sure you hire a reliable and genuine packers and movers company in Bangalore for your move.

Make full payment in advance

Giving money in advance to your movers is necessary. This works as a token to book your slot. However, you shouldn’t pay the full amount in advance. If any company is asking for fees upfront then do not hire that company. Make only 20-30% of the payment in advance.

Rent a truck for a long-distance move

Renting a truck is a good option when moving to a nearby place. And if you are moving to a long-distance place or another state, then book full packers and movers services instead of renting a truck.

Pack liquor or perishable items

Know the restrictions related to packing and moving goods. Movers won’t move liquors and perishable items as these may damage other goods. Liquors may also cause explosion or fire. So, do not pack liquor or other liquid items that can damage your goods.

Forget to supervise the packing

Do not forget to supervise the packing process. Pay attention to the activities of packers. Ensure they are packing the items as per your instructions. And you can still command anything if you think not being done as per your demand.

Final Words

Relocation can be a fun chore for you if you are well organized and planned for the move. If you are aware of the dos and don’ts of the home shifting process then there would be no room for mistakes. After reading this blog, you know what to do and what to avoid during home shifting. So, plan your move accordingly and get organized with professional packers and movers in Bangalore.

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