What are Custom Boxes – A Complete Guide

If you are in an e-commerce or retail business and want to increase your sales, then custom boxes are the best option for standing out. In today’s competitive landscape, smart businesses know that unique and branded packaging helps captivate customers and drive revenue. 

According to precedence research, the global custom packaging market share accounted for USD 34.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach around USD 59.77 billion by the end of 2032. 

Custom boxes allow you to design packaging specifically tailored to showcase your products and reflect your brand image. This comprehensive guide provides you with a complete overview of custom boxes wholesale. 

Like how they can skyrocket your sales through strategic design, the types available, optimal materials, printing techniques, and design tips to create effective and sustainable custom packaging. 

Read on to learn how to leverage custom boxes to differentiate your business in the market and watch your profits increase.

Custom Boxes – Everything You Need To Know

Custom boxes are packaging boxes that are designed and manufactured according to the specific needs of any business. These boxes allow companies to create unique, minimalistic, and branded packaging that helps to promote their product or services. 

Custom boxes with logo can be fully customised in terms of any size, shape, colour, design, printing, and finishing touches to suit a company’s requirements. Let’s talk and learn about the benefits of these packs. 

Benefits!!! Which is Perfect For Your Custom Boxes

There are many advantages to using custom boxes for your business:

  • Branding and Promotion – Custom boxes allow you to prominently display your logo, graphics, product images, and other brand elements. This helps build brand recognition and promotes your product.
  • Product Protection – Boxes can be engineered with protective inserts, cushioning, and durable materials to properly shield your product during storage and transit.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Ordering wholesale quantities of custom boxes is affordable compared to buying standard stock boxes. You also save on the labour costs of repeated packaging procedures.
  • Sustainability – Custom boxes help minimise waste. They are designed to specifically fit your product versus having excess unused space in standard boxes.
  • Customization – Fully customise the shape, size, materials, and graphics on the boxes for an ideal fit for your product. Add special coatings and die-cut handles, windows, or inserts.
  • Convenience – Custom boxes speed up the packaging process. Boxes like mailers have closure flaps to seal products easily without taping or glueing.

Custom Boxes Varieties – An Overview of Different Options

There is great variety when it comes to custom box styles and configurations:

  • Folding Cartons – These are constructed from paperboard and fold flat for convenient storage and transportation before being assembled. Examples are retail boxes, food boxes, and software boxes.
  • Rigid Boxes – These have a fixed shape that does not bend or collapse under pressure. They provide excellent protection for delicate items. Common types are electronic and luxury product boxes.
  • Mailers Boxes – These boxes are designed for convenient shipping, storage, and transportation of products. They have closure flaps and handles cut directly into the box.
  • Gift Boxes – Elegant custom gift boxes made with specialty materials and finishes help showcase presents in a stylish way.

Materials for Custom Boxes

Custom boxes can be created from different materials depending on your product, brand image, and sustainability objectives:

  • Cardboard – The most affordable option that still provides good protection and printability. Recycled cardboard is environmentally friendly.
  • Kraft – This natural brown material gives an organic, rustic feel. Often used for food products.
  • Corrugated – Sturdy material with rippled layers that cushion delicate products during transit.
  • Paperboard – Smooth, thick paper material that flexes slightly but holds shape under pressure. Used for rigid boxes.
  • Metal – Aluminium or tin boxes provide luxury packaging for high-end items like jewellery, gourmet foods, electronics, and more.

Exploring Some Printing Options For Custom Boxes Wholesale 


Printing allows custom die cut boxes to become an impactful marketing tool by conveying branding, messaging, and product details:

  • Full Color – Vibrant, high-quality photographic images and graphics printed across the entire surface of the box.
  • Spot UV – Gloss coating applied on specific areas of the box, like the logo, to make it stand out.
  • Foil Stamping – Metallic gold, silver, and coloured foils are stamped onto the box for an elegant effect.
  • Embossing – Creates raised relief images and text on the box, adding subtle depth and dimension. You can put embossed on custom boxes with logo. 
  • Die-Cut – Precision cutting of custom shapes, windows, holes, or inserts into the boxes.
  • Spot Color – Uses 1-3 specific Pantone ink colours beyond just black and white for branding impact.

Design Tips for Custom Boxes With Logo

Follow these tips when designing your own custom boxes, and you can also design with a logo on your box. Further design tips for both boxes and logos on it:

  • Gather product dimensions and identify key info, branding, and designs to feature on the box.
  • Optimise box dimensions to minimise unused space and materials. Add only necessary inserts.
  • Align branding visuals and text on panels for maximum visibility whether boxes are stacked or on shelves.
  • Use complementary colours for the box, product photos, logo, and text to create a cohesive look.
  • Include only essential text like product details, instructions, and warnings. Avoid clutter.
  • Add special finishes like soft-touch lamination or matte/gloss varnishes for a unique texture.
  • Consider handles, pockets, or removable trays if they are useful for customers opening the product.
  • Prototype a few box samples before mass production to test functionality.

Final Verdict!

Custom boxes are a versatile packaging solution that can be designed specifically to meet your business needs and brand image. Partnering with a company like Viveprinting that offers affordable custom boxes wholesale pricing. 

They are also offering high-quality printing, which is key to creating these boxes that protect your products while promoting your brand in Canada. You can contact them today and take advantage of them with free consultancy and free shipping. 


Q1: what types of custom boxes are available?

The main types include folding cartons, rigid boxes, mailers, gift boxes, retail-ready packaging, and favour boxes. There are many styles under each category.

Q2: What are the main benefits of custom boxes?

Custom boxes allow for branding, product protection, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, customization, and convenience. Businesses can fully customise their packaging to align with their brand image.

Q3: What materials can be used to make custom boxes?

Common materials are cardboard, kraft, corrugated, paperboard, metal, wood, and plastics. The choice depends on product protection needs, branding, sustainability goals, and budget.

Q4: What printing options are available for custom boxes?

Printing methods like full colour, spot UV, foil stamping, embossing, die-cutting, and spot colour allow adding graphics, effects, and branding elements.

Q5: How can I design effective custom boxes?

Optimise dimensions to product size, align branding for visibility, use complementary colours, minimise text, and add special finishes or functional elements if useful. Prototype samples before mass production.

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