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If you have moved to a new Samsung device, you may feel like you are missing the old data on your old smartphone. Now you have the best and easy solution for this. You can download Smart Switch app and transfer all your previous data on your old smartphone to the new Samsung Galaxy smart device. Here we are giving you a full guide on this valuable smart app of the Soldelhiuniversity.

Introduction on download Smart Switch app

Smart Switch app is the best file transfer app which allows Samsung Galaxy users to move their entire mobile data like contacts, calendar, music, videos and photos from the old smartphone to the new Android Samsung Galaxy device. One of the special features of this app is it could be used to transfer data even from other Android, iOS, Mac or Windows smart devices to a Android Samsung Galaxy device on Login Tutore .

This tool has become more popular as it is very easy to use. Even a fresh user could download the Smart Switch app and transfer data using it by own.

On the other hand, downloading Smart Switch apps has increased among Samsung Galaxy users as it has provided the highest security for your data. Samsung Smart Switch mobile application 100% guarantees the safety of your data which are shared through it. This tool does not save, store or keep any touch with the data. Only it acts as the medium that transfers your data to your Samsung Galaxy smart device from another device. There are few versions of the Smart Switch app. We promise that all of these versions are available for you with high trust.

You can visit our website to Download Smart Switch app. Go to the home page and there are three options you can select as Windows, Mac and Android. You should pick up the suitable version for you and click on the appropriate button. If you select the Windows button then the “download for Windows”  option will appear. Click on that and go to the page there will be again a “download for Windows” button. Click on that button and the downloading process will start. Follow the same procedure to download other versions.

All these versions of Samsung Smart Switch apps are free for anyone. So don’t hesitate to download Smart Switch and transfer date to your Android Samsung Galaxy smart device. Before starting the download Smart Switch app it is very important to select the suitable version for you and check whether your smart devices are compatible with the Smart Switch. So here we are giving you the list of compatible models, versions and other requirements.

Samsung Smart Switch compatibility

Samsung mobile running – Android operating system 

  • Android version should be 4.3 or upper

The other device involved in the transferring

  • Android – operating system should be version 4.0 or upper
  • Apple iPhone iOS – should be iOS 5 or later version

If you wish to transfer data by connecting to a PC or transferring data from a PC, your PC should have the given below requirements

Windows PC with the following requirements

  • Operating System version should be Windows 7 or upper
  • CPU –  Pentium 4; 2.4 GHz or later
  • RAM – 512MB or later
  • Screen Resolution – 1024 x 768 (600), 32 bit or later
  • Software requirement – Windows Media Player version 11.0 or higher

A Mac with the following requirements

  • Operating System version should be Mac OS X 10.9 or higher
  • CPU – Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or later
  • RAM –  512MB and later
  • Screen resolution – 1280 x 800
  • Android file transfer application installed should Required

Let’s look at how to download the versions of the free Smart Switch app separately.

Samsung Smart Switch for Windows

If you wish to switch to a new Android Samsung Galaxy device and need to send your data on the old Smart device to the new Samsung Galaxy device using a Windows PC, Download Smart Switch app is the best choice for you. Downloading procedure is very simple and easy to follow. It only takes a few minutes to complete the downloading process. This smart app is totally free for you. The guidelines are given below.

Guidelines to download for Windows

  • First visit our website
  • Download and install the Samsung Smart Switch Windows app from the website
  • Then connect your old mobile device to your Window PC using a proper USB cable.
  • After that take a full backup by clicking on the “Backup items” tab.
  • After that click on the “OK” button to confirm the backup.
  • Again you have to connect the new Samsung phone to your Windows PC via the USB cable.
  • Then “Select a Different Backup” option and then “Select a Backup to Restore.” option
  • Next click on the “OK“ button to start the transfer data
  • Finally, the app will notify the successfully restored message

Samsung Smart Switch for Mac PCs

When you are using the Smart Switch app to transfer data from a Mac PC to your Android Samsung Galaxy device you do not have to use any other third party application or create a special account. You must check your Mac with OSX 10.8 or higher for better support. Lets see how to download Smart Switch app for your Mac PC step by step.

Guidelines to download for Mac

  • First backup the all data that you wish to transfer from your old device
  • Then visit our website using Mac PC and click on the “download for Mac” button
  • Next click the application icon and it will launch
  • Connect your old handset to Mac PC using a lightning or a proper USB cable
  • Now Select all the files that you wish to send to your new Samsung Galaxy device
  • After data transfer completed connect the new Samsung Galaxy smart device to the Mac PC using a proper cable
  • Then click Restore and then select a “Different Backup” option and then select a “Backup to Restore” button
  • After that enter the “Restore now” option
  • Full data transaction will be completed successfully

If you are transferring data from another Android device to your new Android Samsung Galaxy device, you have to download Smart Switch app on both devices. Then keep both devices close together and try auto pairing. On both devices select the “Android” option. Then select the files you need to share from the old device and select “send” and “receive” options on both devices.

Data transferring will be more enjoyable and easy with the Smart Switch app. You will not miss the data on old Android devices anymore after download Smart Switch app. Visit our website now! Get your free Smart Switch app today!

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