Google Photos Tips And Tricks For Android Phones

Even though its days of unlimited storage are over, Google Images is still a solid cloud storage choice for your photos. The 15GB of free online storage with a Google account is now distributed among several programs, including Gmail and Google Drive.

Additionally helpful for rapid photo editing is Google Photos. You can add filters and other editing features before posting your results on social media. To make the most of Google Photos, utilize all of the advice and suggestions included below.

You can Search for People, Places, and Things

Google Photos uses machine learning to detect and tag photographs automatically. It can tell what the image is of, whether it’s a person, a pet, a building, or a piece of paper. While looking for images, its innate capacity to recognize photos comes to the rescue.

When you search for “dogs” to find a picture of your dog, any dog-related images and videos will be displayed, even if you haven’t labeled them. Similar searches can be done for vehicles, bicycles, receipts, memes, places, occasions like birthdays and festivals, group photos, etc.

Label People and Animals

Similar faces are automatically grouped in Google Photos. This makes it easier to locate images of a specific person or animal in one spot. Additionally, you can mark it with their names so that when someone searches for it, the results will show them.

Manually Edit Labels 

Google often does an excellent job of recognizing faces. But just in case it classifies people incorrectly:

  • Open the incorrectly labeled photo.
  • Swipe up from the bottom or tap the three-dot menu at the top.
  • You can view the faces of the individuals in the picture on the menu bar.
  • Select them by clicking the Edit (pen) button.
  • The labels can now be removed and modified.

Utilize Google Assistant to View Photos

You can ask Google Assistant to look at your backup photos if you use Google Photos. To view all of my images, for instance, I could say, “Hey Google, show my photos,” or “Hey Google, show name> photos from my photos,” to view someone else’s.

Make Animations and Collages

Typically, Google Photographs makes beautiful collages and animations from your photos. However, you may also manually create them using the Photos app, as shown below:

  • Go to the Search tab on the Google Photos app after opening it.
  • Scroll down to Creations here.
  • Select your photographs and click Collages > Build Collage to create a collage.

Click on Animations > Create Animation, choose your photographs and videos, and an animation will be generated for you.

Create an Animated slideshow using Templates

Based on your previous travels or events, Google Photos uses machine learning to produce videos for you automatically. Thankfully, you can now make these movies whenever you want using an app or the internet.

  • On your phone, launch the Google Photos app.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Search tab.
  • Select Movies from the Creations menu.
  • Select Make a Movie.
  • To have it generate movies for you automatically, choose one of the pre-set themes.
  • By picking the photographs and movies you want and tapping New Film, you may easily make your own.

Choose the people or animals that should appear in the pre-made themes. Google will automatically search for the most outstanding photos and videos, combine them with the right music, and provide the finished product in minutes.

Blur Background in Portraits

Google Photos can automatically identify portraits and allow you to blur their background. However, only Google One members can currently use the option. Use it as described below.

  • Launch Google Photos and select the portrait image.
  • At the bottom, click Edit.
  • Select Tools from the toolbar by scrolling.
  • To change the degree of background blur, click Blur and move the slider.

Hide Location Information from Images

Location data is probably kept along with the photo when you capture one with your device. Go to Images Settings > Location > Location sources > Camera settings and turn to Save location to the Off position to stop location information from being shared with your photos.

Scan Old Photos 

It is preferable to scan old images rather than simply snapping a picture of them using Google’s PhotoScan software. To eliminate glare, it scans the old image (or document) from different angles. You can save those old pictures for future generations.

Cast Your Screen to Your TV 

By casting your screen on another device, such as a television, while using Google Photographs on an Android device, you may share photos with everyone in the room.

For better  security, use Locked Folders

Select the More icon and Move to Locked Folder to move a photo to a locked folder on your device. A picture will be hidden from other Google Photos and other apps on your cell phone if it is moved to a locked folder. If you uninstall Google Photos, the photo will be erased and won’t be backed up or shared.

Wrapping Up 

These were some of the top Google Photos hints and hacks you can apply to enhance your usage of the cloud gallery app and take advantage of new features.

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