The Top 3 Auto repair shop management software for your automotive business



Let me guess!


You are  looking for auto repair shop management software that can automate your manual tasks and make you stay ahead of the competition


But there are too many options in the market, and everyone claims to be the best. And in midst of it you get confused which software to buy. 

Whether or not the software will i buy will be worth my investment


And if you’re a newbie to this auto repair software game, there are high chances that you will make the wrong decision.


But the reality is these so-called software are the best in the market and can give you what they promise. 


Today I will show you the reality of this software, and after countless hours of research, I concluded that these are just the top 3 auto repair shop software that is bringing to the table what they promise.


The Top 3 Auto repair shop management software for your automotive business


  1. Torque360


After reviewing the torque360 software, I was speechless, from excellent integrations to jaw-dropping features. It has everything an auto repair shop business needs.

Firstly they are not just limited to one or two sectors.  They are in six sectors, and what are those sectors? Here is a list of them:


  • Auto repair 
  • Truck Repair
  • RV Repair
  • Motorcycle repair
  • Auto-detailing
  • Oil change/quick Lube


But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Their features are much more exciting and promising. They have got all the features of what an auto repair shop management software should have.


Integrated with QuickBooks


Handling accounting with paperwork takes a lot of time and effort, and you know humans are prone to error. So, sometimes you will not be able to make quick total estimates, or you will not be able to scale your business because you will not be able to handle more customers due to more paperwork and transactions, and you may have to hire administrative staff. Even though you hire them, sometimes you may lose some essential previous accounting records.


But with torque360, this is not a problem anymore. Now you can handle all of your accounting stuff with ease. After purchasing this software, you will be fine in making estimates because they have dedicated auto-repair estimating software. Also, you will not have to spend time making invoices and managing bills, and you can easily have error-free accounting records on your mobile phone screens.


 Also, unlike shop monkey torque360, Quickbooks Online integration does not cause a mess and accounting errors. Their reporting is pretty simple, and you can easily trace your profits.


All information in one place


Do You know that you can make more revenue in your auto repair shop business by being personalised to your customer? 


 Access to vehicle repair history can be beneficial in recognizing any recurring issues or patterns in vehicle models. This enables us to take measures to prevent problems and enhances our expertise in the shop.


But amidst scattered papers and information, finding out about previous jobs takes a lot of time, and sometimes you may lose these papers. And as a result, you will need help communicating appropriately with your customers.


But with torque360, you can effortlessly search for previous jobs without any effort. In the search button for a repair order, you can see estimates, inspections, invoices, and many more related to that specific job.

Torque360 is way ahead of the game. They have satisfied customers so far and are already serving six industries. Also, with integration like Nexpart (you can easily order parts), Carfax (used for getting vehicle information using VIN and plate number), and Car Rental Software, they are ahead of the game from their competitors. Also, recently, they added digital tools which can become handy for improving your online presence and scaling your auto repair shop business online.

They also have software to cater to tire auto repair shop owners’ needs and can help manage inventory. With the help of tire shop inventory software, you can easily automate tasks in your repair shop.Talking about negative reviews during my research i wasn’t able to find even a single negative review. I guess this shows that they have satisfactory services.


  1. Shopmonkey


What makes Shopmonkey different is that  along with car auto-repair shops they also serve the truck-repair and marine-repair  industry.


They have several other features also, but their heavy-duty truck repair software is worth mentioning. Here are things the features they have under truck repair software


Ability to deal with Modern Requirements


You can Effortlessly manage your heavy-duty truck repair shop with their user platform that operates in the cloud.


Seamless Integration of Labor Standards, Diagrams & Procedures


With this feature, you can Boost efficiency. Keep your technicians informed with easy-to-use software features that grant access to labour guidelines, diagrams, and procedures.


Professional Cost Estimates


You can Generate truck repair estimates swiftly and efficiently using the system’s Canned Services feature. Your technicians can effortlessly include pre-priced tasks commonly handled by your shop.

Streamlined Digital Vehicle Inspections


Inspections made easy


Build trust with your clients by seamlessly incorporating notes, images, or videos into the inspection process.


They also offer software for car auto repair shops and are praised by the users for more straightforward and easy-to-use user interface designs.


But here are some things that are not  included in their plans compared to torque360.


  • Unlimited users
  • Vehicle Select through Y-M-M-E (Year-Make-Model-Engine Size)
  • Advanced DVI
  • Custom Inspection Templates
  • Purchase Order Management
  • OBD Code Lookup
  • Invoice Editor
  • Quick Checkout/Counter Sales
  • Nexpart integration


  1. Tekmetric


Tekmetric is another industry-leading auto repair shop management software that can stand out in the market for several reasons. Here are the reasons which make tech metrics stand out.


Cloud-Based Shop Management Solution


Tekmetric revolutionises shop management by offering a dynamic cloud-based system that empowers users to effortlessly oversee their shop’s operations anywhere with an internet connection. Unlike traditional software, there’s no need for device-specific installations.


Seamless Tool Integration


 Tekmetric seamlessly integrates with various automotive industry tools, including marketing platforms like Kukui and MyShopManager, parts ordering systems like Nexpart and PartsTech, and management tools like Slack and the Back. This fusion of tools streamlines workflows, enhancing overall efficiency.


Customer-Centric Approach and Work Enhancement Features


Tekmetric’s innovative features cater to both customer service improvement and increasing work volume. One prime example is the digital vehicle inspection feature, which facilitates transparent customer communication and drives shop profitability.


Holistic Shop Operations Management


 Tekmetric empowers shop owners to manage their operations proficiently. It encompasses job allocation, progress tracking, task prioritisation, and ensuring shop operations run seamlessly. This comprehensive strategy distinguishes Tekmetric in the software landscape.


Optimised Workflow Integration

 Tekmetric’s repair tracking software enables auto repair shops to create tailored workflows for repair orders. This feature optimises efficiency, minimises errors, and enhances the repair process.


Effortless Accounting Software Integration


 Tekmetric seamlessly integrates with auto repair shop accounting software to streamline financial management. This harmonious blend simplifies fiscal oversight, ensuring precise record-keeping and financial accuracy.


But again, if we compare this to torque360, tekmetric still lacks behind in some things, and here they are:


  • Unlimited estimates creations
  • Advanced DVI
  • Custom Inspection Templates
  • Job Board/Work In Progress


These represent a subset of features that Tekmetric currently lacks. Additionally, there are other features that Tekmetric needs to offer in comparison to Torque360.




In conclusion, these are the top 3 auto repair shop management software offering what they promise and are currently leading the automotive software market. But these are not the only options. You can still research other options. But I bet you even after research you will land on the same conclusion as me.

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