Spotify Pie Chart: Find Your Music Habit

Listening to the music of your choice is a hobby of yours and Spotify is the platform that enables you to stream the theme of your favorite genres, playlists, artists, albums, and whatever you desire.  As a regular listener of music on Spotify, you might be curious to know what you have listened to in the past. Luckily, Spotify has the feature “Spotify Wrapped” that gives us access to yearly reviews of what we have listened to throughout the year.

Spotify Wrapped comes in a year and displays from artists to your favorite playlists and everything that you want to discover.

But you may want to view the analysis of your music listening habits monthly, Then what? 

Luckily you can do so by using a third-party app Spotify Pie that enables you to view a detailed breakdown of the top trending genres and artists of your music listening habit every month.

Are you intrigued to know the Spotify Pie Chart?

Well, discover with us, as we have explained a detailed guide about it in this post. Go through it.

What Is the Spotify Pie Chart?

Spotify Pie Chart is just like Spotify Wrapped displays a visual representation of your music tastes and denotes it as a colorful pie chart. Each pie will be of different hues & different sizes denoting your preferences of genres of your listening to music habit accordingly. To make this amazing music pie chart, you don’t need to wait for a year and can make it every month to update your music preferences every month.

Designed by Darren Huang, a student at UCLA, Spotify Pie Chart is a third-party app tagged as “Bake your Monthly Genre Pie” which analyzes your music habits on Spotify and showcases them in the form of a colorful pie chart named Spotify Pie Chart. 

How to Find Our Own Spotify Pie Chart?

Creating a music pie chart is simple and straightforward, follow the steps

  • Launch any of your browsers and navigate to the official website of Spotify Pie chart.
  • Login with your Spotify login credentials.
  • Here you need to allow the website to use your data.
  • It may take a few minutes to analyze your music listening habits and the “Spotify Pie Chart” is ready for you.

View your most listened playlists, favorite artists, albums, and others on this spectacular  Pie chart where every pie denotes your favorite genres with different hues.  

Bottom Line

Spotify Pie Chart helps to find out your interest and music genre. You just have to go to the website where you need to enter your Spotify logins and create your music pie chart. When you get your pie chart, you can share it with others to tell them about your music interests and what are your genre. 

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