Go through an Excerpt From A Magic Steeped in Poison

I utilized to glance at my palms with pleasure. Now all I can consider is, “These are the palms that buried my mom.”

We’re thrilled to share an excerpt from A Magic Steeped in Poison by Judy I. Lin, out from Feiwel &amp Pals on March 29.

For Ning, the only factor even worse than shedding her mom is being aware of that it is her individual fault. She was the 1 who unknowingly brewed the poison tea that killed her—the poison tea that now threatens to also consider her sister, Shu.

When Ning hears of a competitiveness to obtain the kingdom’s finest shennong-shi—masters of the historic and magical artwork of tea-making—she travels to the imperial metropolis to contend. The winner will get a favor from the princess, which may possibly be Ning’s only prospect to conserve her sister’s existence.

But in between the backstabbing rivals, bloody court docket politics, and a mysterious (and handsome) boy with a stunning magic formula, Ning could possibly really be the 1 in much more threat.



The palace is a eyesight, an amazing sight to behold. I blink quite a few occasions to make absolutely sure it is genuine. It is even grander than the wonderful properties I glimpsed from the ferry when we approached the money. Lacquered pillars as well big for me to place my arms about maintain up sweeping rooftops of purple tile. I can barely distinguish the inner thoughts of dread, enjoyment, and awe churning within just me as we shuffle powering the guards. They grumble at us if we linger as well very long in 1 location, but there is so considerably to marvel at.

A rock backyard, organized in ideal symmetry.

A glimmering koi pond, glints of orange, white, and gold beneath the rippling surface area.

Dainty, dim-branched cherry trees included in shimmering pink and white bouquets.

The heady scents of blossoms and incense swirl by way of the air of the outside pavilions we are guided by way of. We abide by the guards by way of dizzying turns on wood bridges and stone platforms until finally we achieve our residences. The younger women of all ages, only eleven of us, are all to be housed in the identical area. The greater part of the rivals are gentlemen, and a lot of of them are more mature, on the cusp of getting equipped to go to the shénnóng-shī trials at Hánxiá Academy at the age of 20-6. I’m pleased to see that Lian has also been admitted to the palace, and we both of those rapidly select to space jointly.

The stern-confronted guard instructs us to keep on being in this wing of the palace for the length of the competitiveness. No wandering about the halls and having in the way of palace servants, no cavorting with court docket officers to obtain perception into the tastes of the judges, no sneaking out the again gate to illicitly receive pricey components.

In just the home, every single wall is lined with artwork of wondrous element. Scrolls of calligraphy cling together with elaborate paintings of serene bamboo forests or females posing gracefully beside orchids. Attractive partitions of cabinets, housing fragile vases or wooden carvings. Even the incense burners are performs of art—statues of monkeys in several poses.

I contact a woodprint gingerly, marveling at the element captured in the small eye of a hummingbird. Lian shakes out her blankets beside me, and the embroidered bouquets that path from 1 edge of the silk coverlet to the other capture my eye with their vivid hues. A lump rises in my throat when I am reminded of Shu. She enjoys to embroider, paying out several hours very carefully tucking every single sew in area to sort petals like these. She need to be in the mattress future to me, conversing about every thing we have viewed and every thing we have however to knowledge.

We’re not offered considerably time to settle prior to we are identified as to the hallway in entrance of our pavilion. When the mid-hour gong strikes, two servant ladies guide us to the very first aspect of the competitiveness. Right after passing by way of a further maze of hallways and courtyards, we get there at a splendid constructing with black stone pillars carved with an aquatic motif. Fish leap from underwater palaces and crabs scuttle about and about in styles stunning to the eye. The doorways are the peak of two gentlemen, and they open up into a big chamber. The partitions are included in wooden panels, which will have to be pricey to manage in the humidity of the money.

Elevated platforms to the correct and still left are by now lined with tables and occupied by seated attendees. Murmurs and whispered names increase about me, speculating on the id of the judges who have been chosen to oversee the competitiveness. At the considerably stop of the space there is a dais, with two gentlemen seated in that area of prominence, and an vacant seat in the center waiting around for 1 closing occupant.

“Who are those people officers?” I whisper to Lian as we are jostled in the group. We hook our arms in get not to be divided in the group of rivals, who are all pushing their way ahead for a much better see. Our ft slide on the wooden flooring, polished to a gleaming glow.

“The 1 to the still left is the Minister of Rites, Track Ling,” she suggests. From the minor I know of the court docket, I’m conscious that this is 1 of the greatest-rated gentlemen in the kingdom. The 4 ministers oversee the Court docket of Officers, who suggest the emperor on the governance of Dàxī.

“The 1 to the correct is the Esteemed Qian.” This identify I figure out from 1 of Mother’s classes: He was the shénnóng-shī who the dowager empress acknowledged when she was the regent. His silver hair and very long, flowing beard make him glance like 1 of the philosophers from the basic tales. “The princess will have to have identified as him again from the academy to go to the competitiveness. Past I read from my mentor, he experienced absent to Yěliŭ to review some historic texts.”

I’d assumed that Lian, mainly because she is from a much more distant province like me, would be considerably less attuned to the politics of the court docket. But it seems my new close friend also has connections in the palace. Just before I can inquire any other thoughts, the heralds simply call for tranquil, and we kneel.

Minister Track stands to converse. “Greetings to the shénnóng-tú of our wonderful empire. You are aspect of our celebrations to honor the late Dowager Empress Wuyang and her legacy. The Large Girl regarded the artwork of tea with wonderful regard. It is existing in our lifestyle, in our ancestry. It is a reward from the gods by themselves.”

The minister drones on about the virtues of tea until finally my legs increase numb from kneeling. Ultimately, we are advised to increase.

“Her Imperial Highness, the Princess Ying-Zhen!” the herald cries out.

The princess walks in by way of the aspect doorway, her posture erect, her actions composed. Her handmaiden follows at her aspect, hand on the hilt of her sword. I bear in mind the words and phrases of the guard, about the assassination makes an attempt that path this younger girl, and I shiver.

Even nevertheless the princess’s ceremonial gown will have to be significant on her shoulders, she does not give any sign of straining beneath its pounds. The gown is coloured a shade of purple so dim it is virtually black. As she moves, it sways powering her, and the threads shimmer and ripple, revealing mountain peaks and winding rivers in silver thread. She wears the kingdom on her again.

When she turns to confront us, I can see how her pores and skin glows like a pearl, even from a length. Her mouth is a shiny location of pink, like a flower petal. She settles into the chair in between the minister and the shénnóng-shī and speaks:

“I glance ahead to what you have to existing to us.” Even whilst sitting down, the voice of the princess carries about the corridor, with the self esteem of 1 who is familiar with she will be listened to. “The competitiveness will start this night in the Courtyard of Promising Upcoming. As the Ascending Emperor after reported, farmers are the spine of the place, and our foodstuff sustains the soul. Each and every of you will be assigned a dish from your province. I would like you to brew a tea that is the ideal accompaniment to your dish.

“But—” Those people lips curve into a smile. “We endeavor to make every single examination as reasonable as feasible. All of you will get 3 silver yuan and two several hours in the sector to order your teas and additives. Those people identified to have put in much more than the allotted volume or who do not return in time will be disqualified.”

Grumbles operate by way of the group, no question from those people with the dollars to order the much more pricey teas that could have attained a foothold about many others.

“The very first examination will be open up to the community, so all can witness the natural beauty of the artwork of Shénnóng.” Her eager gaze sweeps about us, and the fundamental concept is very clear: I belief you will not disappoint me.

The princess stands to consider her go away. She is regal, poised, daunting, more mature than her nineteen yrs.

“Glory to the princess!” 1 of the heralds phone calls out, his voice ringing down the size of the corridor like a gong.

“Glory to the princess!” Those people seated increase their cups in a salute. Those people of us who are standing kneel and bow as a substitute, touching our foreheads to the floor, remaining so until finally she leaves the space.

The competitiveness has started.


Excerpted from A Magic Steeped in Poison, copyright © 2022 by Judy I. Lin.

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