Price, Value, And Benefits of the Cat’s Eye Stone

The Cat’s Eye gemstone is a beautiful stone with a unique effect. As the name suggests, this stone looks just like the eye of a cat. Under direct light, there is a slit sheen on the surface of the gemstone. This slit looks like the slit appears in the eye of a cat. The color of the stone also matches which makes it similar. This effect makes the gemstone a lot more attractive. People all over the world use this stone a lot in jewelry-making and decorative pieces.

This stone also has astrological significance. Astrology makes this stone a lot more important and valuable. As per experts, the Cat’s Eye gemstone provides a lot of positive advantages to the person who wears it.

Know the importance, value, and many benefits of the cat’s eye gemstone here.

Price of the Cat’s Eye Gemstone

The Cat’s Eye gemstone is a worthy gemstone that is valuable for astrological significance. The starting price of the cat’s eye gemstone is INR 700 per carat. The stone’s price changes because of a number of factors that affect the market as well.

The cutting of the stone, polishing, and treatment all of these things affect the stone and its cost as well. The color, clarity, and quality of the cat’s eye gemstone will also make an impact on the price range. The weight and origin also change the price. The high price that can go is INR 22,000 per carat.

The best quality of the cat’s eye gemstones are the ones found in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, etc.

Value of the Cat’s Eye Stone

An original cat’s eye gemstone has a lot of value in astrology. The stone is recommendable to any person who has negative effects on the ruling planet of this gemstone. This gemstone has its link with the astrological planet Ketu. The ruling planet Ketu of Cat’s Eye Gemstone is not an actual planet in science. This is an astrological planet that has an extreme effect on the person as per its position in your birth chart. Ketu can be very problematic, it is a shadow planet. If you have this planet’s position in a negative way you should wear the Cat’s eye gemstone. This stone’s energy will remove all these adverse effects and bring you optimism. This is why this stone is given much preference.

Benefits of the Cat’s Eye Stone

The cat’s eye stone with its properties will give you benefits that will have a positive effect on your mind, body, and soul. Read all the benefits of wearing of wearing the Cat’s Eye gemstone here:

  • The cat’s eye gemstone shields you from harmful and negative energies of all types. It will save you from evil spirits and bad omens or evil eyes that someone might have on you. Also, the stone will keep harm or accidents at bay as well as any diseases that might affect your health badly.

  • The cat’s eye gemstone increases your powers of the mind. It increases your instincts and awareness of yourself. Also, the stone’s powers will enhance your intuition powers which will guide you towards the right path.

  • This stone will also augment your decision-making skills and help you in making better choices.

  • Another Cat’s eye stone benefit is that this stone will bring you prosperity and abundance. You will be given more opportunities and courage to grab these opportunities to gain success.

  • The stone also takes away your fears and phobias, giving you the strength and courage to take action to get what you desire.

  • The communication skills and thinking skills of the wearer will also be enhanced.

  • Spiritual enlightenment is another benefit of the cat’s eye gemstone.

  • There are also healing properties of the Cat’s Eye gemstone. It will cure any eye-related problems and help in better digestion as well.

Summing Up

The Cat’s Eye gemstone is a gorgeous stone with a unique effect. The slit of the eye on the stone’s surface which look like a cat’s eye has given the stone its name. The properties that this stone have, gives a lot of advantages to the wearer as mentioned above. These benefits can alter the life of the person for the better.

You can buy a real, authentic cat’s eye gemstone from a reputable store like Rashi Ratan Bhagya. Buy original stone with a lab certification from this trustworthy store which is one of the leading ones or loose gemstones available in every cut, weight, size, and color. Other stones that you purchase are Red Coral, Ruby, Hessonite, Opal, Pearl, Cat’s Eye, etc.

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