Stay Safe on the Field: Sports that Demand Onguard Safety Glasses

Sports are a vital part of human civilization because they unite people via the values of competitiveness, teamwork, and athleticism. Eye protection is an essential factor that is frequently disregarded, even if physical talent and fitness are often the primary concerns.

Athletes must protect their eyes with Onguard safety glasses, whether playing basketball, soccer, or cycling, to avoid serious harm that could impair their performance and long-term vision health. This post will discuss the importance of safety glasses in sports and why every athlete should prioritize them.


Why are sports eye injuries increasing?


Sports can expose the eyes to various potential risks, especially those involving fast-moving objects or hard physical contact. These risks include exposure to UV radiation, finger pokes, and direct hits from objects, pucks, or racquets.

Data show that eye injuries in sports—both professional and recreational—are becoming more common. The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that more than 40,000 sports-related eye injuries happen annually in the US alone.

Almost 90% of these incidents may have been avoided with the proper eye protection. These figures show how urgent it is to raise awareness of the value of safety glasses in sports.


Sports and eye safety: A successful combination


Various kinds of eye protection are available, and each is made especially to meet the needs of a particular sport. For example:


  • Sports Goggles

Sports safety goggles are strong, impact-resistant eye protection that successfully blocks out flying debris, elbows, or fingers. Because they come in prescription and over-the-counter forms, athletes with visual impairments can participate in sports without risk.


  • Safety glasses with UV protection

Outdoor athletes should prioritize safety glasses with 100% UV protection. These protect the eyes from damaging UV rays and lessen glare, enhancing visibility and efficiency in bright lighting.

Safety helmets with face shields: To protect their eyes and faces from damage caused during collisions, athletes playing sports like football, hockey, and soccer should wear helmets with face shields.


Improve performance and vision with Ongaurd safety glasses


In addition to providing safety, Onguard safety frames can improve an athlete’s performance. On the field or court, customized safety eyewear can give an advantage over competitors by improving depth perception and contrast, such as colored lenses.

For example, polarized lenses help lessen the glare on snow or water, while yellow-tinted lenses can improve low-light visibility.


Leading by example: The Function of Professional Sportsmen


Professional athletes have a significant impact on aspiring athletes and their supporters. They may lead by example and inspire youngsters to put first their eye protection by supporting the usage of eye protection.

Additionally, eye protection should be actively promoted by sports organizations and regulating authorities, who should also mandate it for particular sports and see that all athletes have access to it at a reasonable cost.


Raising Awareness among administrators, Parents, and Coaches


Coaches, parents, and sports administrators established a sports eye safety culture. Young players should be taught the value of eye protection at a young age. Coaches can set an excellent example by mandating that their players wear Onguard prescription safety glasses both during practice and competition.

It is recommended that parents purchase high-quality eyewear for their kids and emphasize its significance. Sports clubs and admins can also make a difference by upholding eye safety regulations and assisting athletes who might otherwise not be able to afford the proper eye protection.

In all sports, eye protection must be an athlete’s first concern. Given the rise in avoidable eye injuries, we should consider the importance of protecting our vision. Wearing the appropriate eye protection, like On guard safety glasses, reduces the chance of injury while improving performance, so everyone wins.


Sports need eye protection


The following are a few sports where players should think about donning eye protection:

  • Racquet Sports: Racquets swing rapidly, and balls move quickly in sports like racquetball, squash, badminton, pickleball, and tennis. Players must protect their eyes because of being struck by a racquet or ball.
  • Hockey: Sticks, pucks, or balls have the potential to cause eye injuries in high-contact sports like ice hockey. Field hockey athletes can benefit from protective eyewear, but ice hockey players should use helmets with whole-face shields.
  • Baseball and softball: Players, particularly pitchers and infielders, risk being struck by the ball because both can travel quickly. Wearing safety face masks or sports goggles might decrease the chance of severe eye injuries.
  • Basketball: Due to the close quarters in which players play, eye injuries can result from accidental finger pokes or collisions. Sports goggles are an excellent choice to preserve your eyesight while protecting your eyes.




Your desire to succeed on the pitch, court, or track stems from your love of sports. To become excellent, you work endless hours honing your craft, maintaining your physical fitness, and pushing yourself to the maximum. We at Safety Eyeglasses SEG are aware of the particular requirements of sports people.

A clear vision is essential to success, regardless of your level of athletic experience or ambition. This applies to both casual enthusiasts and professional athletes alike.

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