Minibus Hire London: Price Comparison and Cost-Saving Tips

Minibus Hire London: Price Comparison and Cost-Saving Tips

Travelling together is always better than travelling alone. Also, travelling together comes with many benefits such as cost-saving and easy management of the travelling business. Different transport vehicles can be of use when moving in groups with one being a minibus. Minibuses, as the name suggests, are transport vehicles in good sizes generally from 8 to 16 seats. They resemble a bus that is smaller in size. Hence, the name is a minibus. In our beginner’s guide, we will be highlighting some great cost-saving tips that will benefit you greatly.

  • Advance Booking

Last-minute purchasing is often hassling and gets you more on the budget than reducing it. It is because booking early is always considered as a favourable thinking for both the client and the customer. Most minibus companies encourage early booking by giving discounts on packages and allowing you to have some personalized options on packages. Also, during the regular travelling period in different locations, as time goes by rates and prices undergo a spike. This is not helpful especially when your purpose is to save cost in a group travel through a minibus. Thus, always try to consider booking to save on costs.

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  • Picking the Right Minibus Hire London

With several options on the card, it is always feasible to know what you need and get what fulfils the purpose. While you decide on travelling through a minibus, get to know two things in advance, total passengers and luggage to carry. This helps immensely in deciding the seating capacity you will need to accommodate all your passengers and the luggage. Generally, minibuses vary from 8 to 16 passengers but you can find certain minibuses for 49 passengers likewise. All that depends on the companies offering the services. 

  • Avoid Peak-Time Travelling

If you can plan anytime around the year, it is always better to plan when there is no peak time for travelling to the preferred destination. A simple way of understanding it is the Christmas time of the year. Prices and travelling costs generally go high during the holiday season. Also, during peak times travelling packages show a considerable hike in prices. Hence, you can plan to travel a little earlier than when the actual holiday season starts. This will save you a considerable amount on travelling costs. 

  • Inquire About Complete Packages

Many minibus hire London companies offer certain personalized packages that offer a complete range of travelling luxury. This includes lodging meals, and extra entertainment stuff to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. The reason you should inquire about these prices is that often you like to get such packages for your trip to not to be hectic. And when you break down the costs, arranging all the things above separately costs you more. Hence, you can plan at the time or get the right package that can cover all the expenses related to your travelling.

  • Negotiate The Best You Can 

Never underestimate the power of bargaining to get the price you desire. It is not a rule during minibus hire that all prices and rates are fixed and non-negotiable. In contrast, you can bargain with the minibus company for several items within a package or the complete package. Good bargaining tricks can help the hiring company give you a valuable discount or come to terms with you on a reduced price that you bargain for. Hence, a good trick and tip can land you the best price for your desired package of minibus hire. 

  • Always Look for Hidden Fees

Most minibus hire companies offer you a low price upfront to ensure you are satisfied at the time of booking. But once you book the minibus and ignore minute details, it results in you paying more at the end of your travel. A common example of hidden charges is toll taxes and parking fees. Most companies may not bring this upfront but during your booking, they do have it mentioned somewhere on the paper that you miss out. For this, you need to be careful about two things. One, you must carefully look for all the hidden charges and inquire about them from the hiring company. Once you find them all out, try to compare the entire costs with different companies to get the best outcome.

  • Book Once and Enjoy During Future Travels

A good minibus hire company will look to be in constant connections with frequent travellers. Thus, if you find yourself a frequent traveller, you can get a good discount through a certain minibus hire directory in London.  Many companies make permanent contacts with people who travel often and give them special discounts and privileges. Thus, you can make the most of this luxury.

  • Sharing is Caring

This is not much of a tip, trick, and something to check about since it is true that group travelling involves sharing costs. Every group travelling is mostly something that involves sharing of expenses. However, if there is no such plan beforehand and you are travelling for the first time in a group, remember that sharing reduces the per-person expenses to a great extent.


What are Price Comparison Factors that you can Bring into Account When Hiring a Minibus?

Minibus hire is not as a simple task as you imagine. In essence, it involves certain minute details that people often miss. However, for this, there is a simple way to decide what can be price comparison elements for a minibus hire. These include:

  • Seating capacity
  • Class of bus (simple to executive)
  • Additional Charges
  • Discounts

In essence, the primary factor that plays a part in a minibus hire London price is the seating capacity and class. Here is a brief price comparison of these:

  • 16-seater minibus from £295
  • 8-seater minibus from £150
  • 16-seater executive class minibus from £325
  • 8-seater executive class minibus from £175


Minibus hire is a feasible and favourable option for many reasons. It is best for group travelling for any reason such as travelling for a party, business trips, airport pick and drop, sports event participation, and many more. And it comes with loads of benefits. However, getting through the right hirer is always important and getting the right prices is always critical. 




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