How To Take Care Of Synthetic Wigs

Investing in synthetic wigs is like investing in a new outfit. Your first instinct is to make sure that the synthetic wigs fit right, look fabulous, and feel your best wearing them. The last part can be ensured by measuring your head and knowing adjustments of wig size whenever required. The next thing to consider before buying synthetic wigs is the color. Generally, people prefer investing in synthetic wigs that are closer to their natural hair color. 

Many a time, you might be more inclined toward embracing a hair color that is slightly more eclectic and screams fun from the rooftop. It’s significant to go for a wig fiber that seamlessly suits your personal needs and resources. The next important thing to take care of is the daily upkeep of synthetic wigs. Now that you have invested in synthetic wigs, it is utterly significant that you must take proper care of them. This ensures not only your scalp health but also helps in increasing the longevity of the synthetic wigs. 

The durability of synthetic wigs is tenfold compared to wigs made of other fibers. Synthetic wigs are not only weatherproof, but also have a longer shelf life than wigs made of human hair. Unlike natural wigs, synthetic wigs do not get frizzy in humid weather conditions. So let us discuss how to take care of synthetic wigs and get glorious mane all year round. 

How To Take Care Of Synthetic Wigs?

1. Forgo Styling Products

Limit the usage of styling products, as frequent use increases the need to clean the wig. Hair gels and hair sprays accumulate over the strands of synthetic wigs. This will make you wash your synthetic wig much more often and decrease the longevity of the wigs. If you want to change your synthetic wigs’ look, you must seek professional help. Going to a hairstylist is the best option in this scenario. 

2. Swear By Synthetic Wig Styling Products

It is alright to use your fingers to style your synthetic wig according to your preference is alright. However, using a comb or brush that you use for your natural hair is a big no. It is a disaster in the making! Instead, invest in synthetic wig styling products formulated to care gently for the wigs. 

Styling Brush and Pick Comb by is highly recommended on the list. With this, you can style your synthetic wigs at home or on the go. You can travel with it anywhere and rock gorgeous tresses with minimal effort. It is easy to use and lightweight, making it an excellent choice for long travels. 

You can also invest in a Blending Pick from, as it is designed to give you that natural-looking, fuller look to your synthetic wigs. This blending pick can easily slip your hair via the open wefts. This gives you the desired result every single time. Such great styling too, right?

One important tip is to comb or brush your synthetic wigs lightly. This will ensure that the ends do not get frizzy and the hair strands do not shed from the synthetic wigs.

3. Invest In Wig Sprays

Wig sprays are the most underrated players of synthetic wig care. Apart from styling tools, wig spray is a must-buy item on your list. Investing in one goes a long way, as it adds hydration to your synthetic wigs. You spray it on the ends of your synthetic wigs, just like you would on natural hair. If you are looking to invest in one, then the quality Synthetic Wigs Hair Spray by is the best buy! It holds the style of your synthetic wigs longer than others on the market. It comes with a pleasant fragrance that gives an excellent start to your day!

4. Detangle First, Then Wash

Detangling your synthetic wigs before washing them is a must. You can use a comb or brush designed for synthetic wigs. Gently brush through your synthetic wigs to not drag or pull the fibers. Once the synthetic wigs have been detangled, use cold water to shampoo the wig. 

You can also immerse the synthetic wigs in a bowl of cold water and let it soak for a few minutes. It is highly important to remember not to use hot water, as heat damages the fibers on the synthetic wigs.

Always use synthetic wig-friendly shampoo! To gently clean your synthetic wigs, you can opt for Wig Shampoo by It not only softens the fibers on the synthetic wigs but also improves the manageability of the hair strands. If you feel like the fibers on your synthetic wigs are dry, then you can use a hair conditioner. To get deep hydration, you should check out Wig Conditioner by to restore freshness and give more volume to your synthetic wigs. If you wear synthetic wigs frequently or every day, it is highly recommended that you wash them at least once in two weeks.

5. Remove Wig Before Sleeping

It is a terrible idea to sleep in synthetic wigs, as doing so directly impacts the longevity and quality of the wigs. We can attribute this to the wear and tear that happens when we sleep. This ends up making the synthetic wigs raggedy.

It is wise to look into wig stands to keep your synthetic wigs in their best shape. Depending upon the length of your synthetic wigs, you can check out for durable wig stands. Wig Stand by to dry, set, style, and store synthetic wigs. This collapsible wig stand comes in chrome-plating and is great at retaining the shape of your synthetic wigs. 


Synthetic wigs are one of the most preferred wigs by women. There are many reasons why they are a woman’s favorite; some of the reasons being their versatility, natural-looking hair, quality, variety in shape, size, length, and color, and much more! However, you can get the best look only if you take good care of your synthetic wig. You can limit the use of styling products, use wig sprays to keep the wig hydrated, comb the hair to keep it tangle-free, use a wig stand to keep your wig well in shape, and more.

Care for synthetic wigs is as essential as investing in the correct wig or hairpiece for yourself. offers a variety of synthetic wigs. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, sizes, textures, and lengths of these wigs. The brand also offers wig care products to maintain longevity and keep them in good shape. Hurry and indulge in some wig care!

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