How To Migrate Your Ecommerce Store To BigCommerce Platform?

Have you ever moved to a new house? It’s a bit challenging and hectic task. You have to keep a record of everything and place them in proper order. Many times, we forget the place of some items and break them. Additionally, moving to a new place and feeling right with it is not that easy. You have to organize everything like a new chair, sofa and more. So, moving to the new flat is similar to migrating to a new ecommerce platform. 

Therefore, shifting to a new platform is easy by following the simple steps. You have to organize your products, customer details, and sales records and shift them over to your new online space. Thus, in this blog, we will explain the simple steps to migrate from a BigCommerce store to a new ecommerce platform like Shopify. 

Process of BigCommerce Store Migration

Here, we will elaborate on the process of BigCommerce website migration. Also, to make the process easy, you can go for BigCommerce migration experts.

Step 1: Assess Your Data

First things first, take a good look at all your information. This includes everything from what you’re selling to who’s buying it. Understanding your data helps you figure out what needs to move to your new BigCommerce store. 

In this, you have to place all the data in the proper sequence that you want to transfer or migrate to a new store.

Step 2: Find the Right Tool

There are tools out there designed to help move your data hassle-free. Look for one that suits your needs. Check out what other people say about it – good reviews mean it’s probably a safe bet. 

By utilizing the features of BigCommerce tools you can easily do the migration process. Additionally, you can take help from the features of your new platform.

Step 3: Back Up Your Stuff

Before you start moving things around, make a copy of all your data. It’s like making a photocopy of an important document. If anything goes wrong during the move, you can always refer back to your backup. 

Taking backup of everything makes the process quick and simple. Additionally, if you remove something unintentionally, you can get it back. 

Step 4: Set Up Your New Store

Create an account on BigCommerce. When you’re setting up your store, be honest and thorough. Fill in all the details about your business, like your store’s name and what you sell. 

It’s like introducing yourself to the world. Set up everything from the website creation to the data, and ensure you don’t miss out on anything. 

Step 5: Connect the Dots

Now, connect your old store with BigCommerce using the migration tool you found. Think of it as a bridge between your old and new places. This connection helps move your data smoothly. 

Step 6: Customize Your Move

You might have specific things you want to move, like product categories or customer details. Customize your settings so only the things you want come over. 

It’s like packing only the things you need when you’re moving to a new house. It is essential that you make a checklist to add all the important tasks. 

Step 7: Let the Tool Work

Once you’ve set everything up, let the migration tool do its job. It might take a while, especially if you have lots of data. Be patient and let the tool transfer everything without interruptions. 

There are multiple tools that are free and quickly migrate all the data you want to transfer first then the rest. 

Step 8: Check Your New Place

After the move is complete, check your new BigCommerce store. Look at your products, customer information, and order history. Make sure everything made the journey intact. 

It’s like unpacking your boxes and making sure nothing’s broken. So, after transferring the data, you need to check and tick the things that have been transferred. After that, arrange them in the proper order. 

Step 9: Update Your Address

If you’re moving your website domain to BigCommerce, update your address (DNS settings). This way, when people type in your website, they will land at your new BigCommerce store. So, changing the address of your new store is important, and you need to keep your viewers in mind while you do this. 

Step 10: Tell Everyone and Be Ready to Help

Let your customers know about your new store! Tell them what’s changed and what’s awesome about the new setup. Be ready to help anyone who has questions or problems navigating your new store. Good communication makes the transition smoother for everyone. 

So, these are the steps you have to follow while migrating from BigCommerce to other ecommerce platforms.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the process of BigCommerce website migration and how you can do it in a simple way. So, by keeping in mind these things you will be able to effectively complete the process. 

Also, there are multiple BigCommerce migration experts, like MakkPress Technologies, that are best for ecommerce store migration. Also, you can hire BigCommerce web designer to customize your current BigCommerce store.

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