How to get ADB driver for Mac?

If you are a tech-savvy person familiar with Android Debug Bridge or ADB, you already know the benefits when you receive it. As the name suggests, ADB is a flexible command line tool that allows you to control your Android device through your Windows PC. However, some Mac users have trouble installing the ADB driver on their Mac devices. So in this article, we will show you how to install and set up ADB on your Mac and connect your Android device with it. Let’s see more about this in our article!

If you are searching for a proper ADB driver for your Android device, then you must be interested in this article. And how to install and set up ADB on your Mac device, read this article. And ensure you can get bonus tips that will enhance your user experience read through this article! 

What is Android Debug Bridge or ADB in brief?

Android Debug Bridge or popularly known as ADB is a command line tool that helps you to send commands from a PC or Mac to your Android smartphone. It is beneficial to act as a bridge to simplify the communication between your Android device and PC. Using the ADB driver, you can do more useful things such as install or uninstall applications, unlock the bootloader, reboot your device, enter recovery mode, and even flash custom recoveries and ROMs. It also comes in handy if your Android device malfunctions and needs reset or wiped. 

How does an ADB driver make your work more effective?

As we know, ADB is a useful command line tool that helps you to control your Android device from your PC. If you are an Android user that expects to modify their Android devices by modifying the OS, it is very important to install the ADB on PC or Mac. And setting up ADB for Mac is a pretty simple method. But keep in mind that ADB has three major elements. 

ADB has three elements;

  1. ADB command

The client sends commands. For development, the client runs on your machine. Then, you can use a client from a command line terminal by emitting an ADB command.

2. A daemon

The daemon (ADBD) runs commands on your device. And it runs as a background process on each device.

3. A server

A server manages client-daemon communication.

Tips and tricks for install ADB for Mac 

If you think installing the ADB driver on your Mac device is a more complicated process than installing ADB on Windows, it is a wrong decision. Once you get used to the ADB setup download, everything becomes easy. There are two ways to install ADB on a Mac device.

  1. Using the Homebrew method
  2. Install ADB manually

Both these methods are very easy methods to install ADB on Mac devices. But the Homebrew method is a very effective and easiest method because it will provide automatic updates. So, let’s try out this method!

How to install the Google ADB driver using the Homebrew method?

To use this method, we have to install Homebrew on macOS first. Now you can easily install the Android platform tools. And keep in mind that Homebrew is an open-source package manager that allows you to install missing packages. So with all that said, here we start.

  1. First, open a terminal on your Mac device and run the command below. 
  2. And now you can install Homebrew on your Mac. During the installation process, you have to enter a password. And the whole installation process will take a minimum of 10 minutes
  3. Then, install ADB Mac platform tools 
  4. Now, connect your Android device and Mac and run the ADB device command. You can get a prompt on your Android device to enable USB debugging. So just enable the checkbox and click on “Allow”.
  5. Now you can see your device’s serial number on your Mac device. Meanwhile, ADB has been successfully installed on your Mac device
  6. Feel free! Now, you are free to run any ADB command! 

Useful ADB command list

  • ADB devices: Shows connected devices
  • ADB root: Restarts ADB with root permissions
  • ADB reboot: Reboots the device
  • ADB devices: Shows a list of devices by model
  • ADB shell: Starts the background terminal
  • ADB reboot bootloader: Restarts the device in the bootloader
  • ADB reboot: Restarts your device
  • Fastboot reboot: Restart the device from bootloader mode
  • ADB start-server: Starts the ADB server
  • ADB kill-server: kills the ADB server

Explore the features of ADB

  • Quick installer

The quick installer allows you to install the Google ADB Driver simply in a few seconds. Quickly connect your Android device to your Mac and run the ADB

  • Good compatibility

It is properly compatible with any Android device such as main brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, or any minor brands like Amazon. 

  • Detects Manufacturer Name and Model

ADB automatically reveals the Manufacturer’s Name and the Model of different devices and displays it under the Manufacturer and Description List.

  • Refresh Button

The refresh button helps you quickly refresh the device list that is attached to the PC. But keep in mind that it is only available for version 2.0. And it is not available for version 1.0.

  • Supports Windows x86 and x64 bit

Automatically detects the BIT of your computer and you can install the ADB on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 easily. And it properly works with Windows 11 newest version.


  • How do I enter Fastboot using ADB on my Mac device?

To enter the Fastboot mode, just connect your Android device and open the command terminal. Then type the command, ADB reboot bootloader. Then, your Android device will now boot into the Fastboot mode.


In conclusion, having access to the ADB can unlock a lot of potential of your Android device. So, if you have trouble installing the ADB driver on your Mac device, I hope you found this guide useful. Not only for Mac devices but also you can use this amazing ADB on your Windows and Linux platforms. This allows you to experience Android like never before. So, quickly get this experience and let us know your ideas through the comment section!

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