How to Draw A Little Boy Easily

How to Draw A Little Boy. Cartoons have existed for hundreds of years, allowing artists to depict a slightly more whimsical and stylized reality.

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It’s safe to assume that drawing in cartoon style should be easier than realistic, but even cartoon style can present some unique challenges.

This is especially true when depicting cartoon people; learning how to draw a child can be easier said than done.

Tutorials like the one featured here can make this challenge much easier by breaking it down into more manageable steps to Draw A Little Boy.

That’s exactly what we aim to do in this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a baby in 6 steps, and by the end, you’ll be mastering this drawing!

How to Draw A Little Boy

Step 1

We’ll start this tutorial on how to draw a baby by outlining the boy’s head and hair.

First, use a curved line for the lower part of his face. Next, add a small round shape for his ears on either side of his head to Draw A Little Boy.

The top of his head will be drawn in even more curved lines, and a sharp curl will also stand out.

For the lower part of her hairline, we use sharp, curved lines instead so that this part of the curls resembles the one above her head to Draw A Little Boy.

Once these patterns are complete, let’s move on to Step 2 of the tutorial!

Step 2

Now that the outline of his head and hair is done, we can start drawing his chest and facial features.

First, draw some rounded shapes with sharp points in the inner corners for her eyes. Then draw a few circles inside, each with a dot to Draw A Little Boy.

We’ll then draw some eyebrows above her eyes and use simple lines for her nose and smiling mouth.

Make sure to dot some freckles on her cheeks and draw details in her ears.

Finally, for this step, you can use curved lines for the backpack strap she’s wearing, which goes over her shoulders and down to her waist to Draw A Little Boy.

Leave a space in the left area so you can draw the shirt’s sleeves.

Step 3

Continuing with this little boy drawing tutorial, you can now add some arms and a backpack to this little boy.

If you draw the left arm, you will see why we left a gap in the strap, as the hand squeezes it.

Instead, the right arm is raised in a wavy motion. Finally, use some curved lines for his backpack on his back, and then you can move on to step 4 to Draw A Little Boy!

Step 4$

Now draw the shorts he’s wearing for this boyish drawing as the first part of the legs. Use some simple, slightly curved lines to outline his shorts.

The left leg is stretched down while the right leg is slightly raised. You can also use smaller, curved lines for details like pockets and a zipper on your pants to Draw A Little Boy.

Finally, draw the beginning of the shins before moving on to the next step to finish the legs and all the other final details.

Step 5

You have almost reached the last step of this tutorial on drawing a baby, but before we get to the final step, we need to add some final details.

The main thing will be to complete her legs. First, draw some lines for his shins covered by his socks. Next, let’s draw some shoes on her feet.

When you finish these aspects, feel free to add more details to Draw A Little Boy!

One idea would be to draw a background, which would be a great way to show where you think this little boy would hang out or play.

Step 6

Now it’s time to add some color to this boyish drawing! In our example image, we used blue for his shirt, brown for his pants and hair, and darker shades of red for his backpack.

While these are some colors you can choose from, don’t think these are the only colors you can use to Draw A Little Boy!

There are many other great colors that you can use for this image. So let your creativity run wild and add some of your favorite colors.

You’re also welcome to experiment with your artistic tools and media, so do it and see what you can think!

Your Little Boy Drawing is Finished!

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