How September Intake In The UK Is Better For Abroad Study?

UK Is Better For Abroad Study?

What is September Intake?

The academic year that starts at the start of September or at the end of August is September intake. This academic year is the most common intake in many countries including the UK. It begins at the end of August or at the start of September and it goes till the end of May or June.

Why September Intake is Beneficial?

If you are planning to go abroad and study, there then you should be admitted in September intake. Because it allows students more time for research and preparation while the other intakes like May or January intakes are shorter then it.

A guide for Taking admission in September Intake in the UK?

First Step) Do research for the courses you want to study:

Research the courses that you want to study. Don’t choose a single or two courses. Instead, make a list of courses in which you are interested and then see the requirements of those courses and the deadline for submitting the application.

Second Step) Give Exams:

Once you applied now you have to take an exam. You might hear of tests like GMAT as these tests are important to analyze the capability of the students.

Third Step) Register and Complete your application:

Create an account register with UCAS and give them the basic information. And after creating the account add the information about yourself and your studies. You can easily use it to apply the universities and colleges all over the UK.

Fourth Step) Apply:

Shortlist the universities that are offering the courses that you want to study and then apply as per the guidelines. But make sure to check the criteria as it will save a lot of your time in applying. Make sure you apply only to those universities and colleges that meet your qualification and their eligibility criteria.

Fifth Step) Getting Letter & Prepare for Interviews:

After you are done with the submission of applications and the deadlines the university will go with its procedure. If you are among the selected ones then you will receive an acceptance letter.  And once you got this you should prepare for the interview.  This is one of the most crucial steps in getting admission. You have to study hard for your interview in order to achieve your goal to study in the UK.

Last Step) Apply For Visa:

After getting admission to any university or college in the UK. Then apply for a student visa.

Benefits of studying in September Intake:

1) Lots of Time to prepare:

As I mentioned above by taking admission in the September intake the student has more time to prepare than other intakes. This is a very significant benefit because the more time students have to prepare the better it will be for the students to get good grades. You can also save more time by taking assistance from any service provider like My Assignment Help UK. These agencies play a vital role in helping students in getting good grades.

2) Multiple Course Options:

In the September intake, the universities and colleges offer more courses. So, the students have more options to choose from.  And opportunities to prepare it due to more time.

3) Student life and normal life Balance:

As a student in university or college life becomes harder and you have to spend a lot of time studying and managing other activities. The September intake makes it easy for the student to maintain the student life balance with normal life balance. And they can also work part-time.


If any student is willing to study abroad and wants to study in a country like the UK, then they have to choose September intake as there are plenty of benefits to choosing this academic year. 1) More time to prepare for yourselves, 2) Multiple course options, 3) Student life balance.

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