How Bathroom Accessories Can Be Functional

Bathroom accessories can add both functionality and style to your bathroom space, helping declutter it while making it more organized. Available in an array of styles, colors and materials to complement your decor style perfectly, bathroom accessories come in all shapes, sizes and materials – something your regular bath amenities just can’t match up to!

Understanding the difference between fixtures and fittings is critical, both legally and practically – outgoing tenants will typically leave fixtures behind while taking with them some fittings.


Duravit bathroom ceramics and furniture combine timeless style with outstanding quality for an unparalleled bathroom experience. Their bathroom ceramics and furniture provide the ideal foundation for showering, bathtubing or using the washbasin; you can even add toilet paper holders and robe hooks for further customization of your space.

Duravit shower heads are specially crafted to match your bathroom ceramics and coordinate seamlessly with other bath fittings. Their faucets use advanced technologies for optimal water jet adjustment and maximum comfort; available both wall-mounted and freestanding models for your convenience.

Duavit has held various government and private firm roles. These included serving as Chairman of GMA Network Board of Directors as well as being elected into House of Representatives from 1994 – 2001 as Representative from 1st District Rizal. He served as Chairperson of Guronasyon Foundation Inc and as a director at Group Management and Development Inc and Unistress Concrete Systems, Inc. Additionally, he attended and represented Philippine Constitutional Association at its 1971 Constitutional Convention as delegate and was President at that time. He currently resides in Makati and holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of the Philippines Diliman. Duavit’s last name occurs most frequently among Filipinos where it appears 73 per thousand, as well as two other countries.


Customers consistently praise this company’s faucet products for their durability and modern design, wide variety of colors and finishes, product certifications that ensure product quality and safety, commitment to sustainability and environmental protection reflected in product designs, manufacturing processes and certifications.

Creavit’s Dream Genienic combined bidet toilet is an all-in-one unit designed for maximum functionality and luxury, replacing your existing toilet while eliminating the need for an individual bidet sanitary system. With its compact design combining traditional and modern lines, installation should be a breeze!

Creavit also makes Neolith countertops, which are resistant to external influences and heavy loads, making them suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms alike. Available in various sizes and shapes for both environments, they’re scratch, abrasion, deformation-resistant, easy to maintain, add depth and width to small spaces while creating the feel of luxury suite bathrooms – desertcart can help you find all of your ideal Creavit bathroom fittings and accessories!


AXOR stands for luxurious bathroom design and offers mixers, showers, washbasins, bathtubs, accessories and one-of-a-kind objects that meet the highest aesthetic and technological standards. Based in Schiltach, Germany and owned by Hansgrohe Group. AXOR works closely with world-renowned designers to produce one-off objects for bathroom and kitchen luxury collections; many pieces become modern design classics. AXOR operates under its motto of “Form Follows Perfection,” so each product developed is perfected before release; their creations have won multiple design awards from jurors.

AXOR is exploring future issues in the bathroom and seeking out new interaction possibilities, through its project “Compact Luxury.” It explores how new technologies impact space perception. Their latest bathroom collection from Barber Osgerby marries sophisticated technology with timeless design.

AXOR has expanded their Universal Circular program with a towel ring that is both practical and expressive. Its corners have been carefully designed to form quarter-circles for an elegant and minimalist look, adding functionality as a shelf and towel holders. Created in collaboration with Philippe Starck, AXOR Universal Rectangular accessories make an excellent complement to collections that feature cubic or rectangular design language.


Dornbracht provides luxurious bathroom faucets at an architectural level that combine form with function. Their fixtures are handcrafted in platinum metal for durability. Furthermore, there are an assortment of styles and finishes, including chrome. Dornbracht even offers customizable shower experiences!

Dornbracht has revolutionized the bathroom experience by designing pieces that add both character and function to a home. Their design principles reflect their understanding that bathing rituals provide healing experiences for body, mind, and soul. Their culture projects provide insights from luminaries from art and culture while exploring their social significance.

Dornbracht has maintained its position as an industry leader for luxury plumbing despite the difficulties caused by the global economic crisis. Their “Made in Germany” quality products can be found across over 125 countries worldwide.

Dornbracht has introduced one of the most noteworthy innovations: Ambience Tuning system. This allows users to set individual temperature and water level settings in both tub and shower environments for each member of a household – creating a truly tailored experience for every member. It is easy to navigate and customizable with various features; including saving individual user settings.



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