A Family Tour in Kerala: Top Activities for Kids and Parents

Kerala, often touted as God’s Own Country, is a region that offers stunning natural beauty. Its rich cultural, and warm hospitality makes it perfect for having family tour in Kerala state. Nestled along the south western coast of India, this state is a haven for families.

With its diverse range of things, it caters to both kids and parents. In short, Kerala offers a family tour that will leave all with joyful moments. This guide by https://www.keralapackage.org/ will explore the activities that make Kerala a perfect place for families. They can meanwhile bond, explore, and create lasting experiences with each other.

1: Backwater Journey

These tranquil backwaters are filled with lush greenery, swaying palm trees, and charming regions. A family tour in Kerala is partial without seeing the serene backwaters cruise. Parents and children alike can relax on ancient houseboats, gazing at the scenic views. Meanwhile they will get pampered by modern aids on boat itself.

Kids can delight in spotting vivid birds, marine life, and local people. After that, they can gain a unique insight into Kerala’s rural life. The famed backwaters of Alappuzha, Kumarakom, and Kollam offer options to unwind. Above all, they can admire the state’s beauty of nature.

2: Elephants and More at Wildlife Places

Kerala’s profound bond with elephants is an vital part of its culture. Families can meanwhile indulge in thrilling and learning encounters with these gentle giants. They can have them at sanctuaries for example Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary. Parents and kids can take part in things like feeding, bathing, and short rides.

It forges joyful moments while doing that. Beyond elephants, Kerala houses diverse wildlife places like Periyar National Park. With guided safaris, they can spot tigers, playful elephants, and vibrant bird species. They further foster a love for nature and saving the wildlife among children.

3: Pristine Beach Escapes

Kerala’s coastline is filled with some of the most stunning beaches. They are perfect for families seeking sun, sand, and sea sports. The Kovalam Beach, known for its crescent shaped coastline, offers a blend of relaxation and sports.

However, the parents can unwind under the shade of swaying palms. The kids can build sandcastles, play beach games, and try their hand at surfing or parasailing. Varkala Beach is having the dramatic cliffs and healing mineral springs. It further provides an ideal spot for a family picnic, beach strolls, and collecting seashells.

4: Learn Culture through Dance and Customs

Kerala’s rich culture comes to life through its ancient art forms. A Kathakali dance program is a charming experience for families. The loud makeup, vibrant outfits, and story telling leave kids and parents alike in awe.

Kerala further boasts vibrant festivals, for example Onam. During that, families can indulge in feasts, flower decors, and boat races. For a deeper knowledge of local life, all can visit rural places and engage with locals. They can take part in things for example pottery making, fishing, and cooking meals.

5: Enthralling Hill Station Retreats

Munnar and Wayanad are two of Kerala’s pleasant hill stations. They offer families a cool and refreshing escape from the tropical heat. These regions boast tea, coffee, and spice gardens that families can explore.

Firstly, the guided tours offer insights into the farming processes. Trekking through lush landscapes further allows them to connect with nature and each other. The pleasant climate and stunning vistas make these hill stations perfect for leisurely strolls. They can meanwhile take photos her and relax amidst the clouds.

6: Adventures in Abundance

Kerala’s topography lends itself to a range of outdoor sports that all can enjoy. The thrilling people in the family can indulge in bamboo rafting along the rivers of Periyar. They can do zip lining through the dense forests of Thekkady region.

Above all, they can embark on thrilling treks in the Western Ghats. These things not only provide a thrill but also promote team spirit. It also make them go for outdoor visits.

7: Enchanting Houseboat Stay

A unique experience in Kerala is a stay on a ancient houseboat. Families can embark on an overnight journey through the backwaters, drifting along the serene waters.

Meanwhile, scenic views from the comfort of their floating stays. They get a devoted crew to cater to their needs. Families can meanwhile bond over meals, starlit nights, and the gentle lullaby of the waters.

8: Culinary Aspects

Kerala’s cuisine is a treasure trove of flavors and aromas waiting to be seen by them. Engage in cooking classes and learn to prepare dishes for example appam, dosa, and fish curry.

Seeing local markets and spice fields exposes them to the vibrant array of spices. It further adds depth to Kerala’s cooking charms. They not only satisfy taste buds but also provide insights into its cultural value.


A family tour in Kerala is a charming journey. This trip caters to the interests and wishes of both kids and parents.

It meanwhile covers tranquil backwaters, cultural learning, wildlife sightings, and thrills. In short, Kerala offers a well rounded and immersive experience for all.

The state’s beauty, rich culture, and warm welcome provide the perfect backdrop for families. They can bond and create pleasant moments during the trip.

Members can meanwhile nurture a love for travel and exploration in the hearts of children. A visit to Kerala encourage family bonding and discovery that will be cherished for life time.

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