Custom Metalized Boxes: Innovations in Packaging Design and Material Selection

If you are considering strong packaging for luxury and high-end products which will protect your product and also make people notice it, custom metalized boxes are a good option. These boxes have some layer and foiling on them which can be silver or gold. They therefore look decent and luxurious to people. Brands that choose them are the ones who sell expensive products that they want people to notice. The packaging is able to stand out on a crowded store shelf due to the way it is made and how it gets designed.

Continue reading on to find out about innovations in packaging design and material selection when it comes to these boxes:

Design to allure target audience

These boxes are able to be designed by keeping the target audience for the product in consideration. This allows a company to create packaging which will draw their eyes and let them know that you are selling something for them.

You can design the packaging when you research on the people who buy your product so that you know details about them like their age range, gender, geographical location, etc. You can then design the boxes allowing them to specifically appeal to these people.

You may be selling jewelry for ladies in the box so the packaging design can follow the minimalism theme. This theme creates boxes which are simple but they still look wonderful. You can for instance only include your logo prominently on custom silver and gold metalized boxes.

Help with branding

The design of these boxes needs to keep the brand in mind so that when shoppers look at the packaging they will know which company is selling the product. Packaging is able to help increase brand recognition when the company includes their logo on the box.

People use the logo to find out what products a certain brand is selling. You may even add your business contact information like its physical address and phone number on the box because this will make it be easier for people to contact it to buy more stuff.

Perfect dimension packaging

Printed silver and gold metalized boxes should be the right dimension if you are aiming to make the boxes give a good image of your company. The box should be correct when looking at its size because it should be able to protect the product in it securely. These high-end products need to reach the customer safely.

You must figure out how much space to keep for filler material in the box if this is needed. Avoid leaving too much space in the packaging because this will allow the product to have more possibility to move around inside it.

You can even create a custom shape box which can make the packaging stand out but the shape should not negatively impact your product by making it be unstable.

Material selection

When making these boxes, you need to make sure that they are strong because only then can they give a good impression and protect the product. The image of luxury is only able to be achieved when the packaging and the product are both perfect.

There are numerous options to consider when figuring out what material to use to make the boxes. For example you can get Kraft, corrugated cardboard, as well as cardboard silver and gold metalized boxes which can protect your product. These packaging materials are known for their strength and they are also easily customizable. You can therefore make the box be perfect according to what your company is selling.

Color options

The colors on these boxes will give people the impression of the product you are selling therefore choose these carefully. If you decide to opt for the silver foil ones, silver is a color that signifies sophistication and wealth. It gives the product a modern feel. A high-end electronic can be placed in a box such as this.

Those brands aiming to give the image of expensive, luxurious and high-quality merchandise being in the box can choose the gold foil boxes. The color gold is able to convey this image to people. You may be a company selling jewelry and it can look good in this type of box.

When wanting to give the impression of expense, opt for silver and gold metalized packaging. The boxes look high-end due to the silver or gold foiling present on them. You can package items like high-quality makeup, jewelry, treats, etc. in them. When a shopper views this type of packaging they will know that they can expect something luxurious in the box. You need to make certain that the box is of a strong quality and it should be designed in an extraordinary way as well so that people will know that you have put effort into making it.

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