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Concierge Auctions Review Finds Extremely-Luxurious Marketplace is Flourishing Nationwide for U.S. Leading Qualities in

2021 Luxury Homes Index Average Sales Price

2021 Luxurious Households Index Typical Revenue Price tag

2021 Luxury Homes Index Average Days On Market

2021 Luxurious Households Index Typical Times On Marketplace

2021 Luxury Homes Index Average Percent Original List Price to Sale Price

2021 Luxurious Households Index Typical P.c First Record Price tag to Sale Price tag

Concierge Auctions’ Sixth Yearly “Luxury Households Index” Reveals Typical Price tag of Leading Luxurious House Revenue in the U.S. Now Earlier mentioned $twenty million

From this knowledge, we are assured that the US true estate current market continues to be sturdy and will only keep on to warmth up.”

— Laura Brady

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2022 / — Concierge Auctions these days introduced its sixth yearly “Luxurious Households Index.” In this 2022 version Concierge Auctions’ investigation reveals that the luxurious true estate current market is placing a new and extraordinary tempo for the sale of top rated-grossing qualities. The results assess the ten best residence product sales in fifty six top rated luxurious marketplaces throughout the United States to figure out the effectiveness and actions of top rated qualities and customers in the U.S. extremely-luxurious current market. New to the Luxurious Households Index this yr is the Leading a hundred Record, an evaluation of the top rated-grossing luxurious dwelling product sales in the United States’ top rated luxurious marketplaces, which expose the most well-liked places for luxurious dwelling product sales in 2021. The success are in, the luxurious current market is hotter than at any time.

The country’s most high-class true estate is advertising at increased and increased ticket rates. The typical obtained cost of top rated product sales enhanced 34% in 2021, from $fifteen,one hundred forty five,856 in 2020 to $twenty,298,593 in 2021. In the U.S. current market, that cost does not discourage customers from signing on the dotted line—in point properties marketed more quickly in 2021 than all through the dwelling acquiring frenzy of 2020 spurred on by the onset of the pandemic. Typical Times On Marketplace for the fifty six marketplaces evaluated in 2021 was just 349 times, a thirty% reduce from the 491 times in 2020. 2021 marks the initially time in the Index’s heritage that luxurious properties have averaged a sale timeline in less than a person yr.

In this version, Concierge Auctions’ investigation reveals that the US true estate current market continues to be sturdy and carries on to warmth up. Leading product sales in the best luxurious marketplaces throughout the US are accomplishing increased share of listing rates on typical. About the earlier five many years the top rated luxurious product sales in the fifty six marketplaces analyzed have developed eighty two.ninety seven% in typical sale cost, marking an fantastic nationwide craze in luxurious properties continuing to gain momentum in benefit. The typical cost of top rated luxurious current market product sales enhanced in excess of 34% in 2021 and confirmed a sixty five% boost in excess of the earlier 4 many years. Vendor and purchaser developments have shifted in the earlier yr with qualities shifting quick, possible because of to new spot and residence priorities impressed by COVID-19, with an analyzed total 29.four% reduce in Times On Marketplace.

With knowledge compiled by Concierge Auctions’ Luxurious Households Index from 2015 to 2021 throughout fifty six of the best luxurious true estate marketplaces, the business can now determine more substantial current market developments. Concierge Auctions examined the ten most costly properties marketed in each and every current market to chart the total well being of the luxurious tier. The investigation, drawn from MLS and general public residence document knowledge, demonstrates that luxurious customers will spare no expenditure for their new dwelling (or 2nd or 3rd dwelling) and that level of competition in the luxurious sector is driving more quickly product sales.

“Overall, we are acquiring that the luxurious dwelling current market is continuing on a historic upswing,” mentioned Concierge Auctions CEO, Laura Brady “2021 observed document-placing rates in luxurious properties throughout the U.S., continuing the 2020 true estate increase for luxurious homebuyers and sellers in 2021. All those product sales are averaging document lows for Times On Marketplace, and we foresee a ongoing craze of increased rates and small Times on Marketplace for 2022.”

Leading a hundred
New this yr — Concierge Auctions noted its Leading a hundred Revenue in fifty six of the best luxurious marketplaces in the U.S. South Florida and New York are by significantly the most well-liked and best grossing marketplaces in the United States by top rated product sales cost obtained and by most range of qualities breaking into the country’s Leading a hundred Revenue of 2021.

The top rated 5 grossing product sales of 2021 were being in Florida and New York and topped out at in excess of $122 million:
$122,695,954 – 535 N County Rd, Palm Beach front, FL 33480
$109,625,000 – 1840 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach front, FL 33480
$one zero five,000,000 – Julie Pond, Drinking water Mill, NY at
$ninety four,173,000 – 2000 S Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton, FL
$eighty five,000,000 – seventy five + sixty nine West Conclude Street, East Hampton Village, NY

The marketplaces with the most properties on the Leading a hundred listing consist of:
Palm Beach front, FL – ten properties
New York Metropolis – ten properties
The Hamptons, NY – ten properties
Boca Raton, Delray Beach front and Highland Beach front – ten properties
Miami, FL – 8 properties

Times On Marketplace
In 2020 the total Times on Marketplace typical for all top rated qualities was 491 times in 2020 vs . only 349 times in 2021. This marks the initially time in in excess of 5 many years that top rated priced properties in the U.S. are advertising in less than a person yr on typical. General, the typical times on current market for top rated luxurious qualities throughout all marketplaces have lowered displaying an urgency in the purchaser pool for higher caliber qualities.

In 2021, qualities that marketed in just one hundred eighty times obtained ninety three.forty seven% of their First Record Price tag. By distinction, these that took for a longer period than one hundred eighty times to market obtained just eighty four.fourteen%. Concierge Auctions’ system gives a listing-to-auction timeline of thirty to sixty times. This nine.32% big difference in cost obtained is a immediate correlation with time put in on the current market. That nine% is a significant acquire, or reduction, when working with multi-million-greenback qualities and does not consist of carrying fees, residence taxes, or other expenses of each time and funds.

For qualities detailed for one hundred eighty times or far more, typical Times On Marketplace fell from 696 times on typical in 2020 to 614 times on current market in 2021. For qualities detailed for significantly less than one hundred eighty times, typical Times on Marketplace stayed continual from eighty typical times on current market in 2020 to eighty three typical times on current market in 2021.

“Through this knowledge, it is distinct there is a considerable enhanced urgency in today’s current market,” mentioned Chad Roffers, President. “Whether because of to men and women relocating because of to the pandemic, paying for their 2nd, 3rd or fourth dwelling or for earnings opportunity, our auction design only fuels curiosity and appeals to the best purchaser. Auctions are distinctive in true estate for the reason that the structure results in urgency for sale by mother nature — there is a unique timeframe supplied in which a residence will market, and a taking part in subject the place each and every bid is just a person move over the very last we participate in into the healthier level of competition the current market is currently displaying.”

The least expensive Times On Marketplace for an unique residence between the country’s top rated grossing luxurious true estate product sales took spot in Holmby/Bel Air, CA and Lake Tahoe, NV, each on the current market for just 6 times. New Hampshire (104 times on current market), Duval + St. Johns, FL (133 times on current market) and Palo Alto, CA (143 times on current market) arrived in at the least expensive typical times on current market in 2021 for every spot. The best range of typical Times on Marketplace were being in Dallas, TX (880 times on current market), Vero Beach front (779 times on current market), FL and Westchester County, NY (687 times on current market). However these typical times on current market are an typical boost for each and every spot, the overarching craze throughout the U.S. is a reduce in typical Times on Marketplace total.

The luxurious current market has produced strides in 2021, closing the hole in typical Times on Marketplace concerning the luxurious current market and the normal true estate current market, however top rated luxurious properties keep on to consider for a longer period to market.

The ten marketplaces with best Times On Marketplace (longest time to market from most to minimum):
one. Dallas, TX
two. Vero Beach front, FL
three. Park Metropolis, UT
four. Westchester County, NY
five. Miami, FL
six. Orange County, CA
seven. Beverly Hills, CA
eight. Fairfield County, CT
nine. Nantucket, CT
ten. Holmby Hills/Bel Air, CA

The ten least expensive Times On Marketplace were being in (speediest time to market from minimum to most):
one. New Hampshire
two. Duval + St. Johns, FL
three Palo Alto, CA
four Brentwood, CA
five Santa Barbara, CA
six Pacific Palisades, CA
seven Lake Tahoe, CA
eight Philadelphia, PA
nine Morristown/Essex, NJ
ten Chicago, IL

Sale Price tag
The typical cost of top rated product sales throughout all fifty six luxurious marketplaces evaluated in 2020 was $fifteen,one hundred forty five,856. In 2021 that typical jumped in excess of $five million to $twenty,298,593. This is a 34% boost yr in excess of yr and a fifty one% boost from the pre-pandemic luxurious current market top rated product sales typical of $thirteen,364,312 in 2019. The luxurious true estate current market was sizzling in 2020 because of to pandemic paying for and spot overall flexibility, but 2021 elevated the bar and established a new document higher for typical sale rates in the luxurious current market.

Boca Raton, Aspen, and Lake Tahoe are new to the top rated product sales cost listing this yr, displaying momentum for mountain current market luxurious dwelling rates and a continuation of sizzling listings in South Florida.

Leading Southern U.S. places keep on to confirm that their marketplaces are even hotter than their local climate. South Florida rates are trending up and qualities are advertising quick. 6 of the top rated ten best priced household residence product sales in the U.S. in 2021 took spot in South Florida together with the best grossing residence sale in Palm Beach front at $122+ million.

All top rated ten marketplaces for best sale cost typical grew exponentially in obtained product sales cost with the exception of New York Metropolis, which lowered a steep $fifteen+ million from 2020 to 2021 at $forty nine,917,000. In 2020, New York City’s typical product sales cost was $sixty five,561,281 which was currently a slight boost from a $sixty five,371,204 typical in 2019. This may perhaps be in section because of to the slowdown in luxurious household enhancement triggered by the onset of the pandemic in 2020 and may perhaps mark a relative shortage in new luxurious residence in New York Metropolis in the yr to occur. On the other hand, ten of the top rated a hundred product sales of 2021 were being in New York Metropolis, producing the metropolis a person of the top rated gamers in best position nationwide luxurious product sales of the earlier yr. The extremely-rich have not been deterred from acquiring up the major true estate tickets in New York Metropolis, but the city’s best ticket merchandise are now competing with marketplaces in South Florida and California for top rated luxurious customers. Details reveals that the New York Metropolis current market has remained between the most aggressive marketplaces in the U.S. with listings continuously advertising at seventy five% of the listing cost or far more.

The Southern U.S. has far more than doubled its typical sale cost for top rated listings in the area (together with Florida and Texas) coming in at an exponential 117.forty two% development in typical sale cost from 2015 to 2021. The Western U.S. (together with mountain marketplaces like Seattle, Lake Tahoe, and sizzling marketplaces throughout California) enhanced seventy nine.fourteen% in typical sale cost considering that 2015, displaying a considerable craze in the luxurious current market attaining momentum at top rated greenback cost factors. The Northeastern U.S. (together with New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut) also enhanced in typical sale cost but at a reduce fee of forty two% development considering that 2015. The reduce development fee of sale cost in the Northeastern U.S. in comparison to Southern and Western marketplaces confirmed there are new marketplaces expanding even more quickly in luxurious cost factors than metro hotspots like the when unmatched New York and Boston.

“Many of us predicted that 2021 would be a yr of development for luxurious true estate,” states Chad Roffers, Chairman, Concierge Auctions. “COVID-19 has bolstered the luxurious market. There is a decidedly unique change and a more substantial team of customers captivated to hotter climates like South Florida and scenic mountain marketplaces like Lake Tahoe. As catalysts for current market motion in the luxurious auction area, we have witnessed mountain marketplaces attaining in attractiveness in excess of the earlier couple of many years and we viewed as South Florida grew to become a legitimate tier a person current market for luxurious residing. Now far more so than at any time, sellers and customers are finding nearer to the exact same cost level which is supporting to make top rated tier curiosity in the full country’s luxurious current market. That also indicates the luxurious current market is finding far more crowded and level of competition is driving the best caliber of qualities to traditionally higher product sales.”

The top rated ten marketplaces with the best product sales rates:
Palm Beach front, FL
Hamptons, NY
Boca Raton, FL
New York, NY
Holmby/Bel Air, CA
Beverly Hills, CA
Miami, FL
Aspen, CO
Lake Tahoe (CA/NV)
Brentwood, CA

The ten marketplaces with the least expensive product sales rates:
Philadelphia, PA
Morristown + Essex, NJ
Boston, MA
Denver, CO
New Hampshire
Atlanta , GA
Westlake Village, CA
Chicago, IL
Houston, TX
Duval &amp St Johns Counties, FL

“From this knowledge, we are assured that the US true estate current market continues to be sturdy and will only keep on to warmth up. In 2021 on your own, Concierge Auctions established environment document-placing product sales of in excess of $three.four billion in world-wide bids,” mentioned Brady. “We have our eyes established on a further flourishing yr with ongoing enlargement into the $ten million to $a hundred million moreover current market and action spanning far more than thirty international locations. 2021 was certainly a monumental yr for luxurious true estate and we are hunting ahead to a further historic yr in advance.”

To obtain the comprehensive Concierge Auctions “2021 Luxurious Households Index” phone 212.984.3896 or pay a visit to

* Less than ten product sales were being utilized for some marketplaces for the reason that general public knowledge was incomplete. Overall replicate fifty seven marketplaces analyzed in 2018-2020 forty in 2017 and 27 in 2015-2016.

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