Bitcoin Is Venice Scaling Levels

"Bitcoin Is Venice," a book by Allen Farrington and Sacha Meyers, describes the renaissance of sound money.

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“Money will often see a various layered growth as it evolves, and every single layer has expenses and positive aspects. You can mine your have gold, but this approach is extremely pricey with a substantial barrier to entry. You can get gold cash and bars effortlessly in most areas of the entire world, but utilizing them for working day to working day commerce is unfeasible. As a service provider, you can acknowledge gold cash but possibly have to believe in the purity or assay the gold on your own. When you are utilizing the paper certification levels, you now are engaged in counterparty threat, but have less complicated potential for transactions. Every layer serves a distinctive purpose. Foundation levels are for last settlement, whilst better levels are for facilitation of financial exercise.” — Nik Bhatia, “The Time Worth of Bitcoin and LNRR.”

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