BigCommerce SEO: Strategies, Benefits, & Choosing the Right Agency

In today’s digital marketplace having an online presence is essential for businesses of all sizes, especially for e-commerce ventures. As the client base grows, it’s time for BigCommerce store owners to take the next step, explore the digital market, and make their brand presence valuable to customers. Businesses using the BigCommerce platform to operate their online store can use effective search engine optimization[SEO]. BigCommerce SEO experts can be game changers for your brand by applying their knowledge and expertise in your digital store and enhancing the website’s ranking and overall value. 

Therefore, in this blog post, we will explore the world of BigCommerce, its role, and the advantages of working with a specialized BigCommerce development agency. Before delving into its aspects, get known with the term BigCommerce. 

Understanding BigCommerce SEO

The concept of BigCommerce SEO includes the functionality of SEO, which consists of strategies for on-page, off-page, the technical prospect of the website, etc. In BigCommerce, SEO helps brand digital shops appear on search engine result pages. Big-commerce SEO aims to attract more relevant traffic and rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The task of SEO optimization is performed by BigCommerce SEO experts. To rank high on a search engine, SEO experts perform multiple tasks. 

First of all, they are professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in magnifying digital stores with SEO on BigCommerce platforms. They perform numerous tasks to optimize your website, including conducting keyword research, optimizing content, developing valuable backlinks, and implementing essential SEO elements. Besides this, there are multiple advantages to hiring these experts. 

Benefits of Hiring a BigCommerce SEO Agency 

Partnering with a specialized BigCommerce SEO agency will lead your business to its success. The agency you’re choosing must offer essential advantages. Foremost, the agency must occupy a skilled workforce that includes designers, and SEO experts who are liable to create SEO-friendly stores.  Some practices are requisite to be pursued with your team to get lucrative outcomes. 

Best Practices for BigCommerce SEO 

Optimizing a BigCommerce store requires following some best practices to enhance BigCommerce stores’ visibility on search engines. Through keyword research, you will get an idea of user types of searches. Consequently, implementing these keywords in your product page and meta description will increase the chance of appearing in relevant search results. Additionally, schema makeup will provide more information to consumers and increase click-through rates. 

Content Marketing for BigCommerce Stores

Marketing of content is a powerful tool to enhance SEO and engage with the target audience. It involves various content such as blog posts, product guides, and videos, and by writing informative content, an e-commerce business can generate organic traffic who are interested in your brand and want to explore it. After that, content is more likely to be shared on social media, websites, etc., to boost SEO efforts. The significant aspect is to customize content to be device-friendly.  To get instant attention, promote your website on social media platforms. 

Social Media and BigCommerce SEO 

Social media goes parallel with SEO. With social media, e-commerce ventures can broaden their brand awareness, reach, and engagement, an increase in driving genuine traffic to the store. They integrate their SEO strategies with social media to get the best results. Well-written content has much potential to redirect traffic from social media to the store’s purchasing page. The best technique is influencer marketing on social media, which influences the fanbase to shop from the respective brand.  If your website appears the same on all devices, it will improve its ranking on search engines.

Mobile Optimization and BigCommerce SEO

In the mobile-centric world, having a smartphone-optimized website is unyielding. They focus on creating an appealing and relevant design that appeals to mobile users. All device-friendly websites look the same on laptops as well as on mobile, which offers a seamless browsing experience and leads hike in conversion rates. Some technical aspects hinder the store’s overall performance. 

Technical Aspects of BigCommerce SEO 

With the exclusion of content and keywords, technical aspects play a vital role in SEO success. BigCommerce experts know this fact and have ample skills to manage technical components such as website speed, device responsiveness, URL structure, and site structure to ensure easy crawling and indexing by search engines. Getting better control over these prospects required assistance from experts, who have much knowledge in a similar area. 

Tracking and Analyzing BigCommerce SEO Performance

For continuous improvement, measuring or monitoring the effectiveness of your SEO techniques is vital. It will help you confront the drawbacks that must be solved and minimize the errors. It showcases the areas of improvement and which strategies are more effective. BigCommerce experts monitor key metrics, such as organic traffic, conversion rate, click-through rate, and keyword ranking. To perform this task, they use multiple analytical tools and platforms. After this, they can make data-driven decisions to get maximum results and customize the store further. 

How to Choose a BigCommerce Development Agency 

Hiring the right BigCommerce development agency is crucial for achieving success in the online landscape. Some factors need to be considered while choosing one out of many, like an expert’s experience, portfolio, client reviews, communication and monitoring skills, etc. Opt for experts who can mold their strategies to meet your company’s goal and target audience. Apart from hiring an expert, your team must practice some strategies to get fruitful results. Moreover, the task is not completed yet, after marketing your website, it’s time to monitor and evaluate its performance.  Subsequently, content marketing can uplift your business.


In conclusion, investing in BigCommerce SEO can be a profitable decision for digital businesses eager to thrive online. By enlisting the expertise of SEO experts and collaborating with specialized BigCommerce development agencies, an online store can enhance its presence and ultimately boost sales. Incorporating the optimized SEO strategies tailored to your BigCommerce store will bring success in the competitive landscape. 

Get assistance from the best BigCommerce SEO experts to flourish your store. As per research, Makkpress Technologies is the top Ecommerce marketing agency to incorporate to optimize your store with SEO. They have a prominent skilled workforce that will embrace your store’s performance. 

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