Best Guide to Design a Flawless Custom Suitcase Gift Boxes

 What are Custom Suitcase Gift Boxes?

A custom suitcase gift box is a particular box’s design used to create a lasting impression on your loved ones and the buyers. Suitcase-style boxes are multipurpose. You can use them to store a broad range of high-value retail or gift items like clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, skin care products, and many more. The particular design of these boxes not only stores products well but also makes them easy to carry and move. Mostly, retail owners use them for brand marketing or giveaways.

This blog will tell you some amazing techniques for customizing a perfect suitcase gift box wholesale. Stay with us to learn the art of customization.

Select the Box’s Size and Shape Following the Product’s Requirements:

At first, you are required to select the size of the box. This is the first step in customization; you cannot exceed it without finalizing the right size box. An improper-sized packaging looks shabby and unappealing. A right-size product’s custom packaging can impress buyers at first glance. You can determine the box’s size by following the product’s quantity. You can design a large size box to stock a large number of products. On the other hand, a small size box remains the best choice for packing tiny gift items. Apart from the box’s size, you can also frame it into square, rectangular, and oval shapes under the product’s requirements.

Create a Long- Lasting Suitcase Gift Packaging Using Quality Material:

The box’s material is the most important for customizing quality and long-lasting packaging. Custom suitcase gift boxes are usually made using cardboard and corrugated material. Both material options are durable and can withstand tears, scratches, etc., during handling or shipping. However, you can also pick out kraft corrugated boxes. Kraft paper is made of organic substances and is endurable to various environmental factors. The buyers can reuse or recycle kraft paper packaging as well.

Adorn Cardboard Suitcase Gift Boxes with Breathtaking Finishings:

Cardboard suitcase gift boxes are the most preferred solution because of their cost-effectiveness and customized nature. Unlike other folding cartons, cardboard boxes are accustomed to prints, add-ons, and embellishments. Adding many add-on solutions can give suitcase gift packaging a luxurious and sophisticated look. These include coatings like gloss, matt, spot UV and aqueous coating. On the other hand, there are embellishing options such as embossing, debossing, foil stamping, etc., and at the end, add-ons like die-cuts, PVC sheets, ribbons, bows, etc. conclude the gift packaging and give it an adorable look.

Cardboard Display Boxes: A Significant Way to Enhance the Product’s Value

Undoubtedly, display packaging is one of the most influential to present and store a wide range of retail products on store shelves. You cannot use them for other merchandise purposes. Display packaging gives an immediate view of the retail products. Custom cardboard display boxes have become a go-to option for retail owners. At first, they can customize cardboard paper in whatever shape and design they want to create it. Secondly, cardboard boxes are sturdy and resistant to tears, scratches, pollutants, etc. In addition, you can give a professional look to display packaging by adding the company’s logo and product details.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

Our company is one of the leading packaging manufacturers in the world. Though we are based in the USA, our popularity has spread worldwide because of our outstanding services. Our company has successfully earned the confidence of national and international customers in a very short period. Reach us for the best quality custom-made suitcase gift box at reasonable prices. Besides providing outstanding boxes, we offer free design support, mock-ups, shipment, plates and die-cuts. Moreover, you can order boxes in bulk and avail of our special discount offers. Hurry up to grab this amazing opportunity.


Can you customize a suitcase gift box following my design?

Yes, we can definitely. Our team comprises the world’s skilled manufacturers who can design boxes into any shape and size following the client’s instructions.

What is your MOQ for custom suitcase boxes?

Our minimum order quantity consists of 100 boxes.


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