6 Top Cybersecurity Certifications for Undergraduates in 2024

Cybersecurity is the most sought-after field in today’s world and almost every professional is honing their skills to become a part of this industry. The reason – to get ample opportunities.

Cybersecurity experts anticipate that demand will continue to soar this year, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the job rate in the cybersecurity field will be going to increase by 35% between 2021 and 2031.

A certificate program can be a time-saving option over gaining a college degree. If already you have a relevant undergraduate degree in this field or you’re planning to start your journey, pursuing an online cybersecurity certification could be a wise investment.

Most Popular Online Cybersecurity Certificate Programs

In today’s society, cyber security is crucial. Thus, organizations mainly work with data or use networks, they need to keep cybersecurity in mind.

Obtaining a cybersecurity credential may help you gain expertise in delivering information security leadership in the workplace. A certificate is a convenient approach to earning profound knowledge in a specific profession.

Here is the list of the most popular online certification programs you can choose from to improve your knowledge of cybersecurity:

  1. Certified Cybersecurity Consultant (United States Cybersecurity Institute):

The Certified Cybersecurity Consultant (CCC™) certification is one of the top cybersecurity certifications and highly effective programs. For individuals, who are interested in learning about the upcoming and industry-relevant trends related to the cybersecurity field.

Certified Cybersecurity Consultant (CCC™) Certification - Cybersecurity Certifications - USCSI

Gaining knowledge about this field can help you save businesses, and enterprises from assessing risks.

The program allows CCC™ certified professionals to create highly architecture to secure applications. This program includes many modules such as – Cryptographic Techniques, Security Architecture, Applications of Cryptography, Machine Learning, Applying Architecture Models, and many more.

  1. Advanced Cybersecurity Program (Stanford School of Engineering):

This cybersecurity program educates you about the techniques to detect possible hazards, measure their impact, and give quick responses accordingly.

In this one of the best cybersecurity certifications courses, you’ll learn how to secure electronic assets, stop attacks, make sure the privacy of your consumers, and safeguard your organization’s reputation.

Throughout the course program, you’ll research and know best practices from Stanford instructors and cybersecurity professionals.

  1. Cybersecurity Undergraduate Certificate (By University of Arizona):

The Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity is an extremely technical, interdisciplinary certificate that fuels your career potential or develops your existing skills as a technical professional.

The program covers offensive as well as defensive cyber security topics given through our cutting-edge Cyber Virtual Learning Environment. Make sure you get hands-on experience that will improve the knowledge, and abilities required for getting advanced in a cybersecurity career.

  1. Cyber Security Certificate (University of California)

This certificate program teaches engineers how to identify problems and build solutions before they become a reality. Engineers will get introduced to the concepts of building, implementing, and testing systems that can efficiently identify and recover from cyber threats.

Engineers will also get a chance to develop cyber security capabilities into better systems to enhance their trustworthiness so that we can rely on both everyday systems and those we use for critical infrastructure.

  1. Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate (Harvard Extension School)

Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate develops an understanding of data network devices.

This course helps gain the know-how of technical as well as organizational information and necessary cybersecurity skills to overcome security risks. Your communication tactics eliminate risks for traditional as well as cloud-based environments.

Learn to articulate powerful enterprise information security policies that prevent internal and external national as well as international threats.

  1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is a highly advanced certification meant for experienced security professionals. It is popular for its high standards of excellence. It is featured on several surveys as a “most-wanted” security certification.

CISSP certification holders are anticipated to gain the expertise to plan, apply, and direct an information security framework. This program is really good to pursue for cybersecurity professionals.

Jobs You Can Bag After Getting Cyber Security Certification

Several individuals who hold cybersecurity certifications mainly function in the field of information security analysis. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, although a bachelor’s degree prepares for security analysts, certificates can be excellent and valid alternatives.

Other professionals work in related fields. Working as a computer support professional, software tester, network administrator or database architect are a few examples. The specific roles for which you are prepared may vary based on the scope of your curriculum.

Cyber Security Careers & Salaries

Check out the list of careers and their annual median salaries:

Job Post Salary (Per Year)
Information Systems Manager $115,452
Computer Network Architect $130,446
Information Security Analyst


Quality Assurance Analyst


Network System Administrator $75,158


Please note that your employment eligibility may be determined not only by your education but also by your experience. Few job roles require one to three years of relevant experience.

In Conclusion

Earning a cybersecurity certification after graduation or during your graduation degree could be a wise step, as cybersecurity specialists are highly valued in today’s workforce.

The online certification program is a perfect fit for this tech-oriented field of study. When you earn your certificate online from a globally-recognized education organization, you can receive a complete education in a format that goes well with your hectic schedule.

If you are ready to take the next step in your educational journey, do research work and pick the right accredited cybersecurity certificate program that satisfies your learning needs.

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