32 Best Hair Volume Products for Fine, Flat, Thin Hair in 2022

If you’re anything like me, and your dreams of full, volumized, thicker-looking hair are constantly thwarted by oily scalps, fine hair, and product build up, here’s your sign to try some new hair volume products. Yup, I’m talking about the strong-hold hair sprays, oil-absorbing dry shampoos, curly hair mousses, and the root-thickening sprays that give your fine hair the assist it needs to be ~voluminous~, instead of flat and limp. Because while you can’t change your hair’s true nature (and shouldn’t have to!), there are ways to make it just a little easier to style those IG-worthy blow-outs and defined curls. Already convinced? Go ahead and grab one of the best hair volume products right now:

Best Exfoliating Shampoo for Volume

Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Lightweight Care Shampoo

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Best Lightweight Shampoo for Volume

Better Not Younger Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner

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Best Scalp Serum for Volume

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

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Best Volumizing Mousse for Curly Hair

Rossano Ferretti Parma Favoloso Volumizing Mousse

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Best Texturizing Spray for Volume

Playa Endless Summer Spray

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But if you’re ready to deep-dive into each and every product and how to use them, stick with me, and keep scrolling for the best hair volume products around, tried and tested by our very own beauty editors—aka the O.G. hair experts.

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Best Exfoliating Shampoo for Volume

Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Lightweight Care Shampoo

  • Works for both short and long hair types

Thanks to the salicylic acid in this volumizing shampoo, your scalp will be gently exfoliated—meaning less build-up, dandruff, and excess oils that can weigh it down. “This shampoo leaves my hair feeling refreshed without weighing it down or leaving it oily—something my fine, wavy texture desperately needs to avoid too many wash days,” says Cosmopolitan beauty assistant Valeriya Chupinina.

THE REVIEWS: “It says it adds volume to hair and it really does,” writes one reviewer. “I have very short hair, but it lacks volume and this shampoo added lots of volume to my hair.”

Best Lightweight Shampoo for Volume

Better Not Younger Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner

  • Reviewers don’t like the strong fragrance

Before you focus on what products create more volume, get rid of the ones that are preventing it—like your drugstore conditioner loaded with heavy moisturizers that are weighing your hair down. Swap it out for one that’s packed with lightweight ingredients like argan oil, which this one is made with, that will keep your hair shiny and hydrated without compromising on volume.

THE REVIEWS: “Many conditioners promise volume but the bit lift you get goes away quickly,” writes one tester. “Not the case with this conditioner. My hair had volume until the next wash.”

Best Scalp Serum for Volume

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

  • Can be irritating for sensitive scalps

The combination of peptides to strengthen your hair, exfoliating acids to dissolve dandruff and build-up on your scalp, and castor oil for added thickness and shine is a cocktail that will make your roots appear fuller and denser. “If I want a little more volume, I add this serum to my clean, dry hair before I go to bed,” says beauty assistant Valeriya Chupinina. “When I style the next day, my roots have an additional boost of volume and density for me to work with.”

THE REVIEWS: “Love this hair treatment,” writes one tester. “Someone that has very fine hair I have definitely noticed a difference in thickness and strength.”

Best Volumizing Mousse for Curly Hair

Rossano Ferretti Parma Favoloso Volumizing Mousse

  • Better for curl definition than actual volume

“My curls are fine, thin, and easily weighed down, but this mousse helps them spring up and stay volumized after diffusing,” says Cosmopolitan deputy beauty director Chloe Metzger. That’s because this formula is made up of lightweight moisturizers (hi, aloe vera) and polymers so your hair gets the right amount of volume without the heavy ingredients.

THE REVIEWS: “I LOVE this mousse!” writes one reviewer. “I have fine, wavy hair, so something with too much hold usually clumps all my hair together or weighs it down. This give me a definition with any worry.”

Best Texturizing Spray for Volume

Playa Endless Summer Spray

You shouldn’t have to compromise on volume when you air-dry—and that’s where this texturizing spray comes in. “I love to spritz this all over my damp hair on days when I air-dry for piece-y texture and natural looking volume,” says Cosmopolitan deputy beauty director Lauren Balsamo. “It’s clutch for getting that easy, beachy look.”

THE REVIEWS: “This texture spray has finally changed my opinion on hair products with sea salt in it!” according to one review. “Usually they always leave the WORST, overdone, crunchy feeling in my hair, but this feels so nice in my hair and smells amazing.”

Best Root-Lifter

Drybar Southern Belle Volume-Boosting Root Lifter

If you don’t like spraying your freshly-styled hair with hairspray, opt for a volumizing product that you put on while it’s still damp. “I spray this on my damp roots before blowing out my hair, and I swear it makes my super-fine, thin hair look a zillion times thicker and more volumized,” says deputy beauty director Chloe Metzger.

THE REVIEWS: “Love this product for a cushioned blowout with support,” one reviewer writes. “I have fine hair texture, but thick density —this product gave me just enough support for my blowout to stay bouncy much longer.”

Best Volumizing Foam

Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer

  • Can leave product-y feeling in hair

The thing I hate the most: Tons of hair product that makes my hair feel dirty. The answer? This volumizing foam. “My fine, flat hair looks 1000 times fuller when I use this volumizing foam,” says deputy beauty director Lauren Balsamo. “It’s great for creating thickness and fullness without feeling overly product-y.”

THE REVIEWS: “Wow, it almost gives me too much volume,” one tester writes. “I styled my hair like normal and needed to push my hair down so it doesn’t look so big. What a great problem to have!”

Best Volumizing Hair Mask

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Plumping Mask

  • Volume doesn’t last very long

The volumizing process starts in the shower with this bb. Rake a generous amount through your hair after shampooing and conditioning (or just sub this in as your conditioner), leave it on for five minutes, then rinse and style your hair afterwards to see the root-boosting effects. Also, FWIW, it smells incredible.

THE REVIEWS: “This product successfully made my hair appear thicker after use,” according to one tester. “It also made my hair feel really soft. The pleasant smell was also a bonus. If you’re willing to splurge on a hair care product I would recommend it!”

Best Volumizing Mousse for Curly Hair

The Mane Choice Peach Black Tea & Vitamin Infused Anti-Shedding & Intense Volume Shampoo and Conditioner Set

  • Hard to get product out of the bottle

If you have curly hair, you know it’s not so much about getting straight-up volume as it is about getting major curl definition—and, as a result, excellent volume. This shampoo and conditioner duo softens and clumps curls, leaving them defined and moisturized, not weighed down or dried out.

THE REVIEWS: “This is the best product ever,” according to one review. “Shedding decreased by probably 90 percent. It smells amazing and doesn’t weigh my hair down.”

Best Hair Volume and Texture Spray

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

  • Great for both body and grit

If you know me, you know I love to wax poetic about this volumizing spray for every hair type (I think, at one point, I had five cans at once?). The formula contains fancy proprietary molecules that coat each hair strand to quite literally expand the space around it, basically giving you the look of double the hair. Blast your roots or spray it all over on dry hair for major volume that doesn’t feel sticky.

THE REVIEWS: “Love this stuff, but expensive. Gives great lasting volume, makes my fine layered hair full….love, love, love,” one reviewer writes.

Best Hair Volume Powder

SexyHair Big Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder

  • A little product goes a long way
  • Leaves a product-y feeling in hair

I mean, this volumizing powder has 9,000 glowing reviews on Amazon, and has also been a beauty editor and hairstylist favorite for years. Why? Because all it takes is a tiny sprinkle of powder throughout your roots, a quick massage with your fingers, and you’re left with almost infomercial-worthy grit, texture, and volume.

THE REVIEWS: “I got this for myself to add texture to my hair, but my girlfriend ended up using as well to create more volume for her long hair,” writes one reviewer. “Overall, we were both satisfied with the product because of the difference it made. It creates volume and thus makes your hair appeal fuller.”

Best Hair Volumizing Mousse

Amika Plus Size Volume & Body Mousse

  • Can be used to air dry or blow-dry

The magical thing about mousse is it can usually give you way more texture and grit than a spray—two things you very much want if you’re trying to amp up fine or thin hair. Rake a palm-size puff of mousse through your damp hair and roots, then either air-dry for medium-high volume, or blow-dry for holy-wow-whaaa volume.

THE REVIEWS: “This product makes my hair look happy, healthy, voluminous, and smelling amazing,” writes one tester. “There must be holy water or something in it cause my hair has never praised or been praised like it is after I use this stuff.”

Best Volumizing Hairspray

Hair Rules Volumizing Hair Spray

  • Pricey for amount of product in can

You’d think hairspray would automatically hold the volume in your hair (isn’t that kinda the main reason most people use it?), but a too-strong formula will actually weigh your hair down instead of lifting it up. Enter: this dry-mist formula that has a super-fine spray (so no heavy, sticky droplets) to help freeze the volume in your hair without feeling like a helmet.

THE REVIEWS: “I like how the product holds and gives your hair volume,” one tester writes.

Best Volumizing Shampoo for Fine Hair

Ogx Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo

  • Won’t make your hair feel dirty
  • Only offers temporary volume

Mmmkay, so don’t expect this biotin-spiked shampoo to magically grow your hair (only prescription topicals can help with that, sorry), but do expect it to give you ridiculously good-looking volume. The sulfate-free shampoo is filled with hydrolyzed wheat protein and biotin that bind to your hair strand to help temporarily pump up the thickness even after you rinse it out.

THE REVIEWS: “I can go to bed with my hair wet and just brush it in the morning and it looks like I just had a blow out,” one reviewer writes.

Best Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Dove Beauty Refresh + Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo

  • Doesn’t add instant volume

As someone who basically goes through a can of dry shampoo a month (my scalp is, like, um, super into oils?), I basically only use drugstore dry shampoos. So trust me when I say this $5 formula is truly one of the best for volume—it soaks up grease without leaving behind a heavy white or sticky residue. Just spray, wait five minutes (or, ideally, do it before bed), then massage your roots upside down to distribute.

THE REVIEWS: “It doesn’t leave any white residue and makes my hair feel super full,” one tester writes.

Best Volumizing Root Powder

Verb Volume Texture Powder

No joke: Just a few puffs of this volumizing powder will give your hair wild-level texture and volume. The key ingredient? Silica, which sticks to your strands to create a “bulking” effect that makes even the finest hair look five times bigger. Just lift sections of your hair and puff the powder directly onto your roots, then flip your head over, massage it in, and flip back. Lion’s mane. You’ll see.

THE REVIEWS: “This texture powder is a game changer for my hair!” according to one tester. “I have fine, thinner hair that always falls flat. The powder gives nice volume at the roots of my hair making it look fuller.”

Best Multi-Use Volume Spray

Volumizing Mist

Um, volumized hair that also smells freakin’ amazing? Yup, this fig- and champagne-infused volumizing mist will not only leave your hair smelling super luxe and fancy, but it’ll also give fine hair some lightweight, non-sticky texture on both damp and dry hair. To really amp up the grit, spritz it throughout your damp roots and ends, scrunch, and diffuse or air-dry.

THE REVIEWS: “Literally is the best for building volume,” writes one tester. “A little goes a long way! I recommend focusing it near your roots and using something with a little more flexibility everywhere else.”

Best Volumizing Conditioner

Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Conditioner

  • Won’t strip hair of moisture
  • Doesn’t add much volume for thick hair types

So there’s no real thing as a ~universal~ conditioner—your fine, straight hair has different needs than my poofy, curly hair—but this formula comes pretty close, thanks to the fact that it’s free of both silicones and sulfates, so it won’t weigh down thin hair or strip curly hair. The conditioner is also formulated with sugar-derived maltodextrin, which helps beef up fine hair strands even after you rinse. Just make sure to pair it with a leave-in conditioner if you have type 3-4 curly hair.

THE REVIEWS: “I’ve been using this about two months and my hair has been shiny and has a lot more volume than before, even on day two hair!” according to one reviewer.

Best Volumizing Wave Spray

Ouai Wave Spray

  • Gives long-lasting volume and definition
  • Reviewers don’t like the strong smell

If you’ve already got the volume down in some places (does “poofy” count as volume? Asking for a friend…) and you’re now looking for a little definition, try spritzing this wave spray through your damp hair to encourage your waves without leaving them straw-like or tangled.

THE REVIEWS: “This stuff is amazing!! I have naturally wavy/curly hair, but needs a little product to hold it’s natural shape and this stuff works great!” writes one reviewer. “It’s very lightweight. I spray this on damp hair and scrunch and get perfect results every time. My hair stays wavy/curly all day long.”

Best Volumizing Mousse

Curlsmith Bouncy Strength Volume Foam

  • Great for curl definition
  • Foam is watery and can be messy

Curly hair is already a volume machine (lucky you), but if your roots are on the flatter side, try massaging a dab of this volumizing curly hair mousse into your roots before scrunching it through the rest of your hair to add lightweight definition, moisture, and strength (shout out to the hydrolyzed hemp and rice proteins).

THE REVIEWS: “After shampoo and conditioning I rub volume foam in my hands and rake though my hair, comb, scrunch and go,” writes one reviewer. “My hair is shiny, not frizzy, and if sleeping makes a mess, I can wet comb and scrunch again. I love this and my curls look great!”

Best Lightweight Volumizing Dry Shampoo

IGK No Limit Dry Volume and Thickening Spray

  • Works both as a volumizer and dry shampoo
  • Reviewers say it’s not ideal for super-oily scalps

When you spritz on this thickening spray, the formula’s polymers will bond to your hair strands to help “thicken” them up, keeping your hair from falling flat against your scalp. For a subtle lift, flip your head over and lightly mist your roots, or blast it throughout your hair for majorly dramatic volume.

THE REVIEWS: “This product adds noticeable volume to my hair without making my hair feel crunchy, and it is dry and light so it doesn’t make my hair look dirty!” one reviewer writes.

Best Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Anomaly Haircare Dry Shampoo

  • Best for second and third hair days
  • Doesn’t boost volume at roots

K, yes, dry shampoo’s main goal is keeping your hair fresh and grease-free between washes, but it’s also highkey great at volumizing too. Those oil-absorbing ingredients like rice and tapioca starches? They also give your hair a good amount of texture and grit to keep it looking full, not flat. Tysm, Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

THE REVIEWS: “It works better than any other dry shampoo out there,” according to one reviewer. “I went 3 days without shampooing and my hair didn’t look disgusting at all. My hair feels fresh, clean, and voluminous!”

Best Volumizing Shampoo for Curly Hair

Curls Pure Curls Clarifying Shampoo

  • Great for removing product build-up

If your curly hair has been looking a little lank and blah recently, you may be in need of a good clarifying treatment. Enter: this gentle shampoo that uses coconut-based surfactants (ahem, not sulfates) and lactic acid to cut through grease and product buildup to leave your curls bouncy, shiny, and happy.

THE REVIEWS: “Whenever I want to rock my curls, I use this shampoo,” writes one tester. “My hair is soft and easy to detangle afterwards. I let my hair air dry and that’s all it takes to get bouncy and frizz-free hair.”

Best Clarifying Volumizing Spray

Sunday II Sunday Root Refresh Micellar Rinse

  • Great for in-between washes
  • Too much can leave a greasy residue

If volume just never seems to happen for you no matter how frequently you shampoo, you might be dealing with build-up—i.e., a stubborn layer of product residue and oil that builds up on strands and weighs them down. Enter: this micellar spray, which uses apple cider vinegar to help dissolve and break down build up without stripping your curls between wash days.

THE REVIEWS: “I love how this product refreshes my curls without weighing them down,” one reviewer writes. “It also gets rid of any odors you may be experiencing. This product also helps with itchy scalp.”

Best Luxury Volume Mist

Az Craft Luxury Haircare Intense Volume Mist

  • Can leave product residue in hair

This volumizing formula wraps each strand in stiff but flexible polymers to make your hair look and feel thicker until your next wash. To apply, lift up sections of damp hair and mist it throughout your roots, then style with heat or air-dry. You can also mist it through dry hair to add a bit of grip and texture for a more lived-in look.

MY REVIEW: This mist will inject volume directly at your roots, so if you’re after a ton of oomph, this will get you there.

Best Volumizing Shampoo for Curly Hair

Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo

  • Doesn’t leave hair greasy or weighed down
  • Not much product for the price

Moisturizing shampoos don’t automatically have to weigh your hair down, FYI. This sulfate-free volumizing shampoo is formulated with lightweight argan oil and glycerin to moisturize curly or coarse hair types (think 2c to 3c hair), without making them feel greasy or heavy.

THE REVIEWS: “I absolutely love this product and the amount of volume I get from it is ridiculous!” writes one tester.

Best Volumizing Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Vegamour Gro Revitalizing Shampoo for Thinning Hair

  • Leaves hair shiny and soft

Thanks to phytoactives—plant nutrients that help support the appearance of denser hair—this volumizing shampoo will be your hero volume product, adding some lift to your roots without stripping your hair of moisture (hi, marula and baobab oils).

THE REVIEWS: “This is my thin hair’s savior,” according to one review. “I’ve been using this for a few weeks, 3 times a week. It’s made a significant difference in the volume of my hair.”

Best Moisturizing Volume Cream

R+Co Hyperlink Fiber Stretch Pomade

  • Great for really short hair

If you’re working with super-short hair that falls flat—hi, all you pixie cuts out there—try massaging a dab of this flexible pomade between your fingers (a little goes a long way), then gently rake, twist, and pull sections of hair out and up for some piece-y texture and volume.

THE REVIEWS: “My hair is thinning and this helps to make it look thicker and four and it has a shine to it that I absolutely love,” writes one reviewer.

Best Texturizing Mist

Mo Mi Beauty Texture Mist

  • Great for lived-in texture
  • Doesn’t add a ton of volume

Sometimes the best kind of volume is the grit between your strands that give it texture and body. This texturizing mist is formulated with sea salt (hi, beach waves) and aloe vera (for moisture) plus a very ~luxe~ combo of lavender, rose, and citrus scents.

MY REVIEW: When I need to give my hair a boost of texture and body quickly, this mist gets the job done.

Best Volumizing Mousse for Curly Hair

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl Mousse

  • Doesn’t give a long-lasting hold

The unique combo of polymer-based ingredients + moisturizers, like moringa oil and shea butter, makes this mousse perfect for curly hair that needs a little volume and a lot of moisture. It has a lighter hold, so it won’t maintain some ’80s hairstyle-level volume for days, but it’ll help give your curls more bounce without sucking out the moisture.

THE REVIEWS: “It’s more of a watery foam than a whipped mousse texture, but it does not weigh my hair down at all, and the protein in it provides the perfect amount of definition and hydration,” according to one review.

Best Root-Volumizing Spray

Redken Guts 10 Volumizing Spray Mousse

Root-boosting foams are basically a requirement for anyone who’s looking for a voluminous blowout, and this formula from Redken is one of the best. On damp hair before blow-drying, lift sections of hair and spray your roots, then flip your head over and massage your scalp to distribute the foam. Rough-dry your roots (still upside down for extra volume), then flip your hair back over and blow-dry the rest of your hair for to get it sleek and smooth.

THE REVIEWS: “I have thin straight short hair,” writes one reviewer. “This product volumizes and lifts my hair. Looks great all day long.”

Best Hair Volume Spray for Shine

Ouai Volume Spray

  • Not enough volume for thick, coarse hair types

Not a fan of the matte finish you get from most root-boosting dry shampoos and hairsprays? This volumizing spray is filled with panthenol (aka vitamin B5) that makes your hair softer, smoother, and shinier after you mist it on. Basically, everything you need for IG-worthy hair. Start with towel-dried hair and spritz throughout the lengths and roots of your hair before blow-drying.

THE REVIEWS: “I love this spray, my hair is very flat and this helps to give it volume,” one tester writes. “It also smells wonderful!”

How to choose a hair volume product

Consider your hair type

What your fine, 3a curly hair type needs for volume is different from what your bestie with thick 2b hair and an oily scalp needs. Fine hair can benefit from texturizing sprays and volumizing mousses, while coarser, oilier hair types need dry shampoo and lots of hydrating ingredients.

Determine what might be preventing volume

Do you use a ton of hair product in your styling routine? Your scalp might have some build-up that needs a clarifying shampoo before you start with the volume hair products. “I suggest using a clarifying or detox shampoo to get rid of all of the buildup and gunk that can accumulate from products,” celebrity hairstylist and founder of Juices and Botanics in Addison, TX, Whitney Eaddy says. “This will give your hair some natural volume as it’s no longer being weighed down.”

But if you’re good on the build-up front and your fine, thin hair just needs some help, Eaddy suggests starting with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner—which will give your hair an oomph before you style. She says that regardless of your hair type, avoid over-washing your hair, since it can cause your scalp to over-produce oils and end up weighing your hair down, while stripping it of its natural moisture—and neither scenarios are good for volume.

  • Whitney Eaddy is a celebrity hairstylist and natural hair expert based in Addison, TX. Eaddy is the founder and CEO of Juices and Botanics, a line of hair care and hair growth products, and the CEO of Her Growing Hands Salon and Spa.
  • Chloe Metzger is the deputy beauty director at Cosmopolitan.
  • Lauren Balsamo is the deputy beauty director at Cosmopolitan.
  • Valeriya Chupinina is the beauty assistant at Cosmopolitan.

Sami Roberts was the beauty assistant at Cosmopolitan with four years of experience researching, writing, and editing health, social media, and hair growth-related stories that range from the natural hair dyes to mushroom brown hair colors to the best hair volume products. She’s an authority in hair product categories, but is an expert when it comes to volume products, thanks to a lifetime of dealing with flat, oily hair. She regularly tests and analyzes hair sprays, mousses, and dry shampoos, while working with the industry’s top experts to assess new formulas and brands.

Chloe Metzger is the deputy beauty director at Cosmopolitan with nearly 10 years of experience researching, writing, and editing skin, makeup, hair, and nail stories across print and digital, including hair growth supplements and cleansing conditioners. Her hair volume product picks were based on product reviews, ratings, and personal testing, along with information from experts.

Sami Roberts is the beauty assistant at Cosmopolitan, covering beauty trends, news, and deep dives into all the beauty products you love in order to determine which ones are actually worth your money (she knows more than any one person should know about deodorant!).

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