3 Practical Guidelines To Write Excellent Guest Blog Posts

Write Excellent Guest Blog Posts

What is a guest blog? How to write a guest blog post? You might have a lot of questions about this topic. For a great reason, guest posting has become a slogan in digital marketing. Writing an effective guest blog is one of the excellent hacks for many bloggers. You can also start writing guest blog posts to increase your online presence effectively. 

If you have ever wondered how to write guest blogging and how it can benefit you, you are at the right spot! In this article, you will learn the practical guidelines to craft an excellent guest blog. On top of this, you can use the CheckWordCounter to verify how many words will fit into a guest blog. Let’s dive deep into this article to learn more!

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting, also called guest blogging, describes the art of writing and publishing an article on another person’s blog or website. It is an essential way to share your insights and expertise with a whole new set of audiences. Also, you can gain numerous benefits as a guest blogger and the host website. 

What Is A Guest Post/Blog?

A guest post is nothing but an article that is written by someone who is not an original contributor to a blog or website. Alternatively, the article is delivered by an external writer, often targeting to promote a specific topic or brand. This is called a guest post.

Main Advantages Of Guest Blogging

Let us take a look at some of the main advantages of guest blogging. Continue reading!

  • Brand Awareness: You can increase your brand awareness by introducing your brand on other websites.
  • Referral Traffic: Enhances referral traffic and ROI of content marketing by driving more traffic from other reliable websites.
  • Social Proof: By publishing your articles on other sites, you can gain credibility. Also, you can position yourself as an industry expert.
  • Lead Generation: You can increase lead generation when readers visit your website or the landing page, and it gradually increases new readers. 
  • SEO Link Building: You can get backlinks from high-authority sites by SEO ranking factors. Moreover, get quality backlinks and rank on search engines. 
  • Content Marketing: Guest blogging helps the site’s owners to meet their content requirements. 

3 Practical Guidelines To Write Excellent Guest Posts

Now you know what guest posting is and its main advantages. Here are the three practical guidelines to write an excellent guest post successfully.

Step 1: Set Your Goals

Like all the marketing tactics, a notable guest posting tactic starts with understanding your goals. Ultimately, you have to understand where you are going and what happens when you reach the end. 

The standard goals for guest posting tactics are in line with the above-mentioned advantages. Some may include,

  • Driving more organic traffic to a particular webpage to generate more sales and leads.
  • Increasing awareness of your products, services, and, most importantly, your brand.
  • Strengthening SEO by attracting inbound traffic links.

It is always essential to set a goal in your mind to become a successful guest blogger. In addition to this, you can count the number of words you have written in your guest blog post. Amazing, right? With the help of the Free word counter online tool, you can effortlessly get the total number of words. 

Step 2: Discover Guest Blogging Opportunities

Before you start writing guest posts, you must analyze whether the site accepts guest posts or not. There are several ways to discover websites that are happily accepting guest blogs. For instance, go to the Google search engine and start typing these.

  • (Your topic keyword) + ‘write for us.’
  • (Your topic keyword) + ‘become a contributor.’
  • (Your topic keyword) + ’guest post.’

If you find any sites regarding these queries, start writing them without second thoughts. Visit the website and research it thoroughly. Look for the section named ‘Write for us’ and read it carefully. Many websites may mention the number of words you have to write in a guest post. Also, don’t forget to use the word counter checker to identify how many words you have completed. 

Step 3: Guest Blog Outreach & Produce Best Content

Keep in mind that you have to build a connection with the webpage owner before start writing for them. This method is usually termed as pitching. Never be tricked by all these guest blog pitch templates you randomly find online. 

Follow these steps to create a connection with the guest blogging sites. Start by understanding their site and what kind of content they publish. Also, find out whether your niche is accepted. Then, start writing an engaging guest post to be published on that specific website. Most importantly, use the free word count checker to count the number of words you have completed in a guest post. 

Final Thoughts

Coming to the final segment of this article. Suppose you doubt these three steps are enough to write a successful guest post. Of course, yes! These three steps are more than enough to produce an effective guest blog/post. Try to incorporate your own writing skills to become a guest blogging pro. Happy Blogging!

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