14 Best Void Weapons In Destiny 2

In Destiny 2’s PVE, Void guns go very well with Void 3.0. Here are the Void weapons that every Guardian’s safe needs to have.

Every season in Destiny 2, there are more and better elements and Void weapons. They go well with the Void 3.0 subclass, which came out with The Witch Queen’s first season, Season of the Risen. Thanks to a few outliers, they’re also some of the best guns in the game overall as of Season of the Seraph.

This list of the best Void weapons in Destiny 2 has everything from Exotic picks to Legendary weapons. PVE players who want a good selection of good Void weapons don’t need to look any further. Even though PVP hasn’t been taken into account much, and some repeat archetypes have been left off the list, it’s possible that this list will grow in the future as more weapons are added to the game with the upcoming Lightfall expansion.

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